Saturday, August 29, 2015

Just like that ... it's done

Summer that is.

Well, not really, it just feels like it.

Last week was the final week of day camp for my son. The open house for school was on Thursday.  He will have his first school day next Tuesday. 

I'm going to miss having him with me on my morning and afternoon commutes. He usually read during the drive and anything he found funny in the books he would read out loud to me.

I've heard the same thing from a lot of people: "The summer is going too fast."  It did this year.

The last month and a half has been full of chicken wrangling, processing, drought, then LOTS of rain, humidity and sudden cool weather.

This guy gobbled for the first time last week.  It was so unexpected that it didn't compute at first.  Then he did it again. He is such a sweetheart and very good with the other chickens.  Whenever he hears one give a distressed call he immediately goes running to see how he can help.  He runs so gangly, it's comical. 

The other day, shortly after I let the big girls out of the coop, they decided to sun themselves a bit. I'll never get tired of seeing how goofy they look sprawled out, with a leg jutted out and a wing up in the air. 

A little bit of crafting has been done.  Nothing much worth sharing.  I've been practicing shuttle tatting.  I'm not very good at it.  The piece I was working on got tossed into the garbage after I made a huge error.  I've been knitting a pair of vanilla socks with afterthought heels. Not very exciting.

At the beginning of August I finally admitted defeat when I developed runners knee.  Yes, you read that right.  I had been running all summer up until August.  I did something different at the beginning of the month (still no idea what I did) and as a result I can't run until it heals up. Which is a bummer because I finally worked up the nerve to sign up for a 5K with my son.  My son will still run it and I will walk it. He is really excited to run his first 5k.  The 5K is set for mid-September.

To keep me going all winter my DH got me a new elliptical machine.   It kicks my butt on a daily basis right now.  I rested for about a week before using it.  I've gradually built my time up and now I'm going 30 minutes on it, each day.  Books help me a lot when I'm on the machine.  I don't stare at the timer.  My brain doesn't wander and fret about how tired I feel or focus on how much time I have left.  I do prop the iPad up and watch the occasional show but usually I have a kindle book going.

There has been no bit announcement at work about someone being appointed to our diocese. It will be a year come November. My coworkers and I figure there will be no appointments until October at the earliest. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure I even wrote that our bishop was appointed to a different diocese. He was. We've been whooping it up since then.  No, not really. We've been staying the course and keeping things running smoothly.  It only feels like we've been whooping it up because there seems to have been an awful lot of luncheons and office get-togethers in the last year. 

I'm making a mental list of all the stuff I want to get started, get done, or what I'd like to do this coming month. Not sure if I'll get it all done, but it is nice to have goals.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The summer is half over ...

The summer is simply flying by!

Earlier this week I turned to my DH and said "July is almost half done." Then it it hit me that the summer was nearly half over. Bummer.  Major bummer.

Even my son is feeling a bit glum about how fast the time is going.  He is enjoying daycamp through the county YMCA very much.


Well, on the upside, the garden is doing well after needing to be replanted a short time ago.  I'd say my lettuce is ready to start harvesting.  The pole beans started growing after three days.  My carrots however ... Still nothing.  Everything else is doing well.  I've got flowers on one of my cucumber plants already.  *Yay!*

The baby chicks aren't babies anymore.  They follow us to the garden when we go out to weed.  Last night a few of the Buff roos followed us IN and proceeded to make themselves at home.  Fortunately no real damage to the plants. 

Last night we also went scouting for blueberry plants to see what the foraging situation will be in the next few weeks.  Not quite there yet but soon.  The blackberries should be ready in a few weeks too.

For now, I'm plenty busy with stuff on the homestead.

The wildflowers have started blooming.  Every time we go out and about my son runs around and finds flowers to pick for me.

These were all picked for me last night. My son asked me to take pictures before the blooms wilted.

Monday, June 29, 2015

If we were having coffee ...

I subscribe to The Perpetual Page-Turner blog and the most recent post from there was titled "If we were having coffee together." I thought to myself "What a clever idea."

If we were having coffee ... I'd tell you all about how *busy* it has been around the homestead the last few months.  We've got little girl hens who are just adorable and a baby boy roo is starting to crow in the morning.  Pretty soon we will be able to integrate them into the Chicken Shack of Love. We processed our first two batches of meat birds. It's been a learning process and the end results in a product that is better than our expectations. 

If we were having coffee ... I'd tell you all about the fishing we've been doing the last month. We found a lake in our area that has been very kind to us each time we go out.

If we were having coffee ... I'd mention my frustrations about putting a huge chunk of my garden in twice.  The first seeds I planted didn't sprout.  I think a critter came in and ate them all. I was so disappointed because this was the first year I didn't get stressed putting the garden in.  I had even measured out everything so I'd have room for weeding between the rows and such.

If we were having coffee ... I'd tell you all my knitting and fiber-related hobbies have come to a standstill. My "free" time has gone to outdoor stuff and chicken chores. I've made two dishcloths since the end of April.

If we were having coffee ... I'd tell you how much I'm enjoying this summer so far despite having all the *busy* in my life right now.  I'm enjoying the warm weather, and the sun and just being out and about.  I feel I'm on the go-go-go right now and don't have much time to actually sit down and write.  I looked back at my last post and it's from April. I feel like April was just last week.


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring fever

It's been pretty quiet around the homestead since I last posted a blog update. Mostly I've been keeping the home, or whatever it's called, and waiting for spring to finally arrive. 

I got a booklet full of crochet dishcloth patterns and I've been attempting those. I thought I had this crocheting thing down, but I don't think so. I'm still struggling with the patterns.

Temps are finally going up.  We are all so pumped for this.

Other things we are excited about? Planning the garden and getting baby chicks.

This year we are raising meat birds for the first time. We are also getting more Americaunas and Rhode Island Reds (I think). Our chick order won't be in until next week. I feel like I've been waiting forever already.

A couple weeks ago I picked up 10 meat birds from the local feed store.  They had their first batch of chicks for the store come in.

Okay, these guys are majorly cute and were adorable as they ran all over the brooder box. 

Love the little expression on this face. 

The chicks are now around two weeks old and oh my stars have they changed.  They now mostly just chill, drink a lot, eat a lot and poop a lot. Wow do they poop a lot. I had a pretty good idea they would but they have exceeded my expectations.  I spent the first week cleaning little fluffy butts to prevent pasty butt.

This is not the face of a happy baby.  Bath time was not very enjoyable.  She did enjoy snuggling with me afterwards.

This is what the babies look like now.

About three weeks ago a gentleman contacted us and asked if we wanted a small flock of hens. We said yes and set out to get them.

They look like they are homegrown and most of them have some banty or polish lineage in them.

Fiesty doesn't quite do it when describing them.  They haven't been hand raised and most screech like they are being murdered if you try to hold them.  There is one Barred Rock in the group and she's a little punk.  She was the first hen to peck me when I was checking for eggs.  There is also a girl who looks like a purebred leghorn.

And then there is the lone Americauna.  Oh, she is a sight. She's got scissor beak, odd feather coloring and I swear that all she's missing is crossed eyes. But, as my BIL said, she's got a great personality.  She doesn't screech when you hold her.  She makes you work for it though.  She's not easy to catch.

So now we have to learn how to care for a girl with special needs.  She does all right though. With a little more time and care I bet she'll start to be as sweet as little Elvis (when she's not broody).

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


All quiet on this front.  Why?  Because there hasn't been much going on.  My area got a bit of a cold snap, though nothing like last year.

Things have settled down since the holiday season. Well, the boys were sick at the end of January but nothing that lasted days and days.  Just days.

Since there has been no projects going on I have been hanging around the woodstove when it's running. 

It's hard to NOT want to sit in front of it and be cozy.

The girls are still producing eggs.  Production has slowed slightly. We've had two broody girls and we lost a few girls this winter.

The roos are feeling just fine and dandy.  They are all trying to show off and impress the ladies.  I don't think the ladies are impressed much. The orange homegrown roo still gets his butt handed to him on occasion. 

In the evenings I've been doing some crafting still.  Though I'm not producing much.

These poor socks still have no heels.

Meanwhile, I've started another pair of socks.  One has a heel and I'm almost done with the second one. 

I did finish my shawl. I am so pleased with it.  I wear it around the house when there is just a bit of chill in the air.

I've made this shawl several times.  This was the first time I did the crochet edging.  I'm so happy with how it turned out.

I'm slowly getting comfortable with the tatting. This cross is my first "big project." I haven't blocked it or anything yet.  I'm don't know how tatting should be handled once it's done.  Not too bad for a first project and I had to interpret the instructions a bit.  I know I made mistakes in it but I don't care.

I decided to make a little flower with beads.  I added a jump ring so it could be worn on a necklace. 

My current project is the "Amusement" pattern.  I'm needle tatting it and it's been a slow process. I'm just starting row three of four. I like how bright the colors are.

I've been practicing a bit with the tatting shuttles and I'm getting the hang of it.  A little bit.  There is still a bunch I need to learn but I think I've got the basics down.

Other than that  I've been daydreaming a bit of warmer weather, weekend fishing trips, baby chicks and starting the garden.

I can feel the sun's rays are stronger. I'm feeling the first stirrings of spring fever. It will hit me hard next month when the temps, hopefully, start hitting the 30s F.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Threads that bind (and all that good stuff)

Today at work I was chatting with one of the gals in the work building. Turns out she's been doing some knitting.  More recently, she went through the yarn she inherited from her mom and she's got a decent-sized stash.

When she was going through UFOs she remembered one thing in particular and went looking for it. She found it, and also found some handspun yarn that had been made by her aunt (I believe) and it was made back in the 1970s. 

Here it is 2015 and she is now using that handspun to make socks for her sister.  How cool is that?  I can't think of too many crafty things that can span across time and generations like that. I'm so excited for her and I hope she brings the finished object in so I can see the socks.

I mentioned to a few friends today how I decided to order a few piano lesson books for my son.  He got a keyboard from his aunt and uncle.  I may have mentioned this already. Anywho, he's been slowly learning to play songs *but* he doesn't have any proper books to learn from.  Last night he decided he wanted music from the Forrest Gump soundtrack.  Specifically, this one.

We have found music but it may be a bit above him.  He's slowly figuring out the first few lines of the song, however. But that's mostly from listening and picking out the notes. I don't know how he does it but he can.

I also told my friends how my son was getting frustrated because he's been waiting quite a while for the second level of recorder karate from the school.  Something's going on with the supplier, I think.  No one in the school has it.

He comes home with this today.  It's a preview because the books, or whatever the kids are getting, isn't ready yet.

He's already working on the Wedding March and he might have it memorized already. He was thrilled to see that Jingle Bells is included.  He already knows it and can play it on both the recorder and keyboard.

After work I drove over to Duluth to do a pick up at Acme Tools.  Since I was over that way I decided to head up to Hobby Lobby and get myself some new tatting thread.

This is the thread I have been practicing with.  Found out today it is #3 crochet thread.  Wow. I thought it was #10.  I don't know where I got that number from. 

This color is "water lily" and is #10 thread. What a difference between the two. I got to use a finer needle when I practiced with it tonite.

I'm feeling a wee bit proud of myself. I made this butterfly tonite. From a pattern.

It's a bit wonky and I have no idea what to do with it, but I did it.  I figured out a written pattern.

I spent time on my lunch hour looking up tatting patterns.  The majority of what I found called for tatting shuttles and/or beading.  I'm still not ready for shuttles.  I'm pretty sure the patterns are interchangeable. I haven't learned how to place beads yet.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend doings

Weather was somewhat decent this weekend. It's almost a shame we didn't have any pressing outside projects that needed to be done. 



I took advantage of the slightly warmer temps and did some chicken chores out in the chicken shack.  Shoveled out under the roosts, add more pine shavings to the floor, etc. I did this all while being shadowed by CeeVee.  She hangs out right next to me when I'm in there.  She wants to be near humans but not actually handled are anything. 

When any of us go out to the chicken shack the chickens always come running because they have certain expectations of the humans having food. 

I went out there with a bowl full of cooked vegetables and dumped it out on their tray.  Then I set the bowl up on the nesting boxes and started my work.  

I noticed Miss. Greedy-Gut, the Wynadotte, had jumped to the top of the nesting boxes and had her head in the bowl. 

When it was determined that the bowl no longer had food in it, she decided to hop into the half-bale of pine shavings I had stored up there.  She scratched around it for a bit and then hopped out. 

When we hauled feed in to fill up the buckets a few of the ladies came running over.  I suppose they expected we were filling up the chicken scratch bucket.  

The ladies hung around a bit because they were so sure we were going to give them scratch.

This is one of our homegrown roos.  He is so pretty.  The bird in the back with the reddish neck is also a homegrown roo. He's got Americauna genes.  He's pretty in his own way as well.

Miss Elvis is broody, *again.*

In the nesting box next to her Grandma's baby has taken up residence.  She's broody too.  She's not quite as crabby as Elvis.

And in other news ...

Seeds are for sale at the local Menard*s.

It was a fairly quiet weekend otherwise. I did some knitting and spinning. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around tatting.  I've been watching videos here and there.  So far I'm finding more videos for shuttle tatting than needle tatting. A video series was recommended to me but the gal is Italian and there are 40-some videos in her how-to series.  Needle tatting is already feeling familiar and comfortable to me.  Shuttle tatting is looking intimidating now.  What I need to do is work through a pattern on my own.