Friday, October 30, 2009

Float stole issues

Okay, so I am like *this close* to starting the first pleat. I've made my first mistake. You put a row of eyelets a few rows or so before the start of the pleat. Well, I don't have that. And this really bums me out.
As much as I love this pattern it is taking so long for each row. ... I feel kind of at a loss. I'm kind of thinking I should maybe try this pattern with a thicker yarn, less stitches. ...

I'm gonna sit on it for a little bit, but I have a feeling I'm gonna end up ripping this. :-(

Then what do I do with the yarn. This is the second lace project I've started that I have given up up on. Does this mean I'm destined to be a non-lace knitter?

In other knitting news: I have been busy. Will post pictures in separate blog entries. My knitting mojo came back and I've been busy with little projects.