Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Now what?

My knitting mojo has slowly returned. I picked up a vanilla sock that I started back in May. Over the weekend I turned the heel and gusset and I'm in the home stretch.

I also have one thing I'm knitting for Christmas. I'm knitting an invincibility star for my son. Last night I joined one side of it together and am currently decreasing down. I am really kicking myself for not getting it going sooner.

Then last week I heard of the Shalom cardigan. Oh wow, I really like it. In my stash I have no yarn for it. However, I do have one pound of a nice brown BFL.

Call me crazy, but I think when the new year starts I'm going to start spinning for this cardigan.

The pattern calls for a bulky yarn. I've always spun as thin as I could go. This will be quiet the challenge for me.

Not only that, the pattern needs to be adjusted because I'm bigger than the pattern. This should be fun.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas ornament swap 2011

This year I participated in the ornament swap that my online knitting group does. A couple days ago my package came in the mail.

I love it all. My partner did a wonderful job picking out goodies for me and the ornaments are adorable and sweet.

She picked this one with a 'spinner' in mind. I thought the bell was a very sweet touch.

This is a tatted Christmas ornament. OMGoodness. I am so amazed at this piece. I have no idea how tatting goes. To me this is so elegant and intricate. I tip my hat to those who can do this.

To my swappee L, thank you! I will treasure these ornaments for many years to come.

Why yes, I am still around

I think this is the longest I have gone on a blog break. The above photo was taken the last weekend we stayed out at the happy place. I'm missing the place something awful.

There is no good excuse for being so quiet except that life got crazy. School started, work got hectic, I was canning up a storm and my knitting and spinnng mojo dried up. It all got to be too much and in some ways I shut down. Not posting on the blog was one of them.

Things are not as busy as they were but still busy enough.