Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Last night I took pictures

Of my current WIP's and finally took photos of my yarns. Now I am one step closer to getting the stuff up on Ravelry. Baby steps mind you :-) I did a mini marathon of knitting last night, working on all three projects.

Here is a throw that I've frogged off and on for the last month. I'm getting ready to start the third ball on each color. It's made with Lionbrand Boucle (which has alpaca in it, I believe) Already it's super warm. But getting heavy. Thank goodness they are on 25 mm needles I guess, lol.

Close up of the yarn. I just love how these colors came together, since I picked them to be together and I think they turned out great, maybe I wouldn't be so bad at color schemes, eh? :-)

Here is the Lion Brand Suede Scarf that I'm working on. I'm doing the seed stitch. So it's taking me a bit longer to do. It's also my tote to work and back project.

Here's a close up of the stitch definition.

Finally, here is my fun fur scarf. When I picked out the yarn I thought it was gonna be a varigeted colorway, but now I see that it is striping. Not sure how I feel about the striping. But when it's done I will make a final decision on it.

It is pretty colors though. :-)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Making progress

I started a scarf made from Lion Brand Suede yarn. It is in the seed stitch. Well, I thought this would be great since I'm slowly breaking out from stockinette and garter stitching.

Not necessarily, lol. When I looked up how to do it, I got wrong directions. I ended up making 1 x 1 ribbing. Asked my coworker yesterday if it looked right cause it didn't seem right. I've frogged this project twice already. Well, no, I wasn't doing it right. AHHHHH, so I looked up yet again and discovered a new site and seen what I was doing incorrectly. I should contact that other site and tell them they have it listed wrong.

Also, I've been working on another fun fur scarf to give as a gift. I've frogged this project at least three times. I'm knitting away and I discover a big hole (think button hole) somewhere in the finished knitting and I have to frog it cause I can't rip back and have it look nice. Oy!

Maybe I wasn't meant to finished anything else in January *shrug*

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How does this look?

In the effort to avoid some work (not really) I made this. But I don't know quite how to make into a button. What do you all think?

My plan this year is to give all homemade Christmas gifts. Not sure what of what all I'm making or who is getting what even. Not sure is this is going to extend to birthday gifts. Eh, we will see. Then I would be knitting an awful lot for other people and not so much for myself. Only time will tell ...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Grrrrr ...

I decided to make my afghan on the size 35 speed stix and I was cruising along with it when I discovered that the sides were unraveling or something. Huh? WTHeck? So I ended up frogging the thing cause evidently I like knitting up those balls of yarn and then rolling them back into balls. *sigh* I will try them again sometime this weekend.

I joined a lace knit a long last night. Secret of the stole II. I'm excited and scared at the same time. I have never done lace before and I have no clue what yarn or size needles to use. Also, this means I may have to go get more yarn (not that getting yarn is bad) But I think I know where I can get some and not totally break the bank. I do have Christmas money, lol.

I'm also working on a washcloth that is in the "waterfalls" afghan pattern. I thought I would try something different in a washcloth with this ball of cotton yarn. It's rainbow colored so I thought it might look pretty, lol. We will see :-).

That is about it I think :-)

Monday, January 14, 2008

What we will do to get our knitting supplies

It was cold out today and I decided I wasn't gonna do my lunch walk. But I did manage to go to the LYS and get some #1 DPNs. Yet the thought of going on my regular circuit left me feeling cold.

It was a productice week

Despite the painting I had to do I managed to finish the granite scarf.

One night when I felt like knitting but not picking up the scarf I grabbed some scrap cotton yarn and made a little, simple washcloth. DS promplty claimed it and named it a worry rag, lol.

And when I finished the granite scarf I decided to celebrate by casting on a simple scarf for DS. The last scarf I made for him got chewed on by one of the pups at daycare. I used the left over homespun yarn I had from making his blanket (which he still sleeps with :-) ). I worked on it mostly while I was watching Resident Evil: Extinction.

Now that I've got scarfs out of my system I can start working on my waterfalls afghan/throw. Once I've made some progress I will post pics.

In the meantime here is a pic of the cable needles I bought yesterday on a whim, lol. I know, I'm a glutton for punishment.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Update on granite scarf

The scarf I started immediately after finishing the last scarf is little more than halfway done.

Tomorrow I start painting. Gonna be one I can take off my list. If I hadn't mentioned it before I greatly dislike painting, lol. But it's for a good cause. :-)

I started one of my other things on the list. I started out cleaning and purging/organizing by starting with the hallway. Took about an hour and I got rid of a whole bag of garbage and have a small box to donate.

It was a good weekend overall. It was kind of freak weather today. Got up in the 40s and the snow started melting. The fort we made for DS half-melted and fell over. Looked just like ruins from a Scotland castle or something.

Not much more than that going on. Won't have much time for knitting this next week because of the paining. Good news: I will be able to catch up on podcasts. I've listened to most of LimeNViolet. Need to listen to sticks and string. He is a wonderful person to listen to and I look forward to a marathon of that.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Finished my First project of the year :-)

I did it! LOL. And first Christmas gift for 2008 done. Won't say who it's for though.

It's easily 6 feet long though. I was surprised at how long it was.

And of course I had to cast on a couple more projects.

This is an afghan I am making myself. It's on the speedstix. I don't think the photo does it justice (may have to load a new photo) but the colors together are soooooo pretty.

And, of course, another scarf. This one is for myself too :-) Since I can whip a scarf out pretty quickly (an easy one that is) I will bring this one to work and work on it during free time. I may become one of those people who always carries a project around and take advantage of waiting time. (I so could have done that this weekend, waited a bit for someone.)

All in all, a very productive day. Won't have one of these for a while. Have to go back to work tomorrow. And I won't be able to just knit my hearts content for a while.

Happy New Year!

The year of 2007 went so quickly that I can't believe it. After the nice, warmer temps. we've been experiencing the last few weeks I woke up to a temp. of zero. Oh, that's not good. I guess we won't be playing out in the snow.

Well, last night I finished my list for 101 in 1001. It will probably be a while before I get it posted. Since this is my last day of time off before going back to work I don't want to spend of ton of time on the computer.

I have to laugh cause I can hear ds downstairs talking to grandma and dh is up here with me watching "fairy oddparents" :-) Our TV habits sure have changed in the last few years.

Anywho, I know I need to update this blog something horrible and I'm not even sure what it all is that I need to do. ... I do know I should post that I started a new scarf. It's a fun fur scarf in "peacock" It's gonna be someone's Christmas present for 2008. Yup, you read that right. :-) This year I'm gonna make everyone's Christmas presents in one form or another and I'm getting a head start. :-)

I also am going to make myself an afghan out of LionBrand Boucle. The colors are gonna be "blueberry" and "popsicle" (I think that's the color) I cast it on real quick and the colors look really good together. But it uses a couple stitches that I'm not familiar with so I need to practice those a bit before I start the afghan. Specially since they will be done on the size 50 speedstix. (they are huge!) Also, I wish they weren't read, lol.

I thought I was gonna join a sock-a-long this year but I think I'm gonna have to hold off on that. Unless I plan on starting it at the end of the month, lol. I have a smallish stash of yarn to burn through. ... I have a bunch of stuff to make and I made a promise to myself and DH that I wouldn't buy anymore yarn till I get this stuff done. :-)

That's not so big, right?