Thursday, January 24, 2008

Making progress

I started a scarf made from Lion Brand Suede yarn. It is in the seed stitch. Well, I thought this would be great since I'm slowly breaking out from stockinette and garter stitching.

Not necessarily, lol. When I looked up how to do it, I got wrong directions. I ended up making 1 x 1 ribbing. Asked my coworker yesterday if it looked right cause it didn't seem right. I've frogged this project twice already. Well, no, I wasn't doing it right. AHHHHH, so I looked up yet again and discovered a new site and seen what I was doing incorrectly. I should contact that other site and tell them they have it listed wrong.

Also, I've been working on another fun fur scarf to give as a gift. I've frogged this project at least three times. I'm knitting away and I discover a big hole (think button hole) somewhere in the finished knitting and I have to frog it cause I can't rip back and have it look nice. Oy!

Maybe I wasn't meant to finished anything else in January *shrug*

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