Sunday, January 6, 2008

Update on granite scarf

The scarf I started immediately after finishing the last scarf is little more than halfway done.

Tomorrow I start painting. Gonna be one I can take off my list. If I hadn't mentioned it before I greatly dislike painting, lol. But it's for a good cause. :-)

I started one of my other things on the list. I started out cleaning and purging/organizing by starting with the hallway. Took about an hour and I got rid of a whole bag of garbage and have a small box to donate.

It was a good weekend overall. It was kind of freak weather today. Got up in the 40s and the snow started melting. The fort we made for DS half-melted and fell over. Looked just like ruins from a Scotland castle or something.

Not much more than that going on. Won't have much time for knitting this next week because of the paining. Good news: I will be able to catch up on podcasts. I've listened to most of LimeNViolet. Need to listen to sticks and string. He is a wonderful person to listen to and I look forward to a marathon of that.

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