Thursday, November 29, 2007

The chair

Long story short: About 6 years ago I took an upholstery class and had a chair as my project piece. For reasons I care not to go into I wasn't able to finish the class. Thus my chair languished for years in my garage half-ripped apart BEGGING to be taken care of.

Last year about this time I (with some nudging from my guy) decided to finish it. He helped me tons by scouring sales on ebay to find "just the right" leather and the finishing nails. He helped me put on the back of the chair. He can hammer better and straighter than me since he's a carpenter. Well, then I stopped working on the chair when I got to the seat. Can you believe *a year later* I still haven't finished the chair? Tonite I started puttering with it. It's time to put this pony to bed, lol. Know what? I don't think the leather is gonna fit! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! This is so fustrating cause I cut the leather bigger than the original piece. If I want it to fit there is got to be almost no padding. *shaking head*.

Here is CeeVee checking it out.

Come to a conclusion

I am a bad Nablopomo'er, lol. Thanksgiving really threw me off.


Well, I'm back to working on the blanket for my DS. I started the fourth square last night. So only 5.5 more to go. At the rate of 1/2 square a night I figure I can get it done in plenty of time for Christmas. IF I don't do any other knitting. *big gulp*

I also started reading

I've only got about 50 pages left. Very touching story. Learned A LOT about the Packers too, lol. I won't discuss anything about this book since I know a woman in my mom's group is waiting to read this book and I don't want to ruin it for her but we all know how this one ends :-).

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Messed up already

I already went a few days without posting for Nablopomo (or something along those lines). I have pretty good excuses actually. I had company this weekend, I finished the second mitten on Sunday and Monday I had to work :-(.

I didn't have anything terribly exciting going on anyways except that I learned about Igoogle from my SIL. Oh how neat is that?! So, of course, I had to tell my boss about it and she's loving it, especially for home since we have Macs at work and they already have the neat widgets. Even my coworker got on the Igoogle fan train and opened a google account (hee hee).

Thursday, November 15, 2007


I finished my first mitten this morning. Ended up bringing DS late to daycare because of it, but it was worth it. I think I sat with the pattern in my hand for about 45 mins. last night trying to grasp the part of the pattern after you finish the thumb and have to pick up three stitches around the thumb. Finally I just did what the pattern said but I ended up passing the stitches back to the working needle or something. In any case I got it done. It didn't take very long either. Of course I haven't taken of photo of it yet but will post soon as I can.

Hopefully Sunday I will be able to start the next one. I have company this weekend and don't think I will be able to start it before then.

On another note, I've been listening to Lime and Violet. OMgosh they are funny. I feel like I'm sitting in the living room with a couple of girlfriends and just being silly and fun. I do hope they do a new podcast soon. I haven't had much opportunity to listen to many other knitting podcasts. But another one I've been enjoying is manic moms (or something like that). Very insightful stuff.

Anywho, that's my ramble for the night.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Darn it, I want that button!

I feel this urge to have the Nablopomo button on my blog. That cat is just calling to me. I think what I will do is just write from date to date rather than the rest of the month of November. That would work, right?

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Isn't it cute? There really is no reason I can't blog everyday. I sit in front of a computer so much of the day that it almost seems rediculous. (Yes, I know I spelled that wrong but the coffee hasn't kicked in)

So if I count yesterday that means I only need to blog every day until December 13. That will leave 12 days for Christmas shopping. (Oh no, did I say that?)

So here we go, off on another great adventure.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

November is NaBloPoMo! (try saying that 3 times fast)

I was listening to Manic Mommies today and discovered November is NaBloPoMo. Well, that's all fine and good but I just heard about it so I guess I can't really participate in it since the month is nearly half over. Besides, I usually don't have a lot to say other than I thought about knitting but didn't get to cause my son took my time. :-)

Honestly, I work, come home, clean, play with my son, knit, exercise, sleep (not necessarily in that order or all in the same night). Course it could be neat to look back and see that on such and such date I actually DID something.

Since started this blog (however long ago it was) I had no clue what I wanted to write about. I knew I should keep it happy and not speak unkind words about anyone -- not that I would!!! And it's already undergone one "revision" so to speak. I wasn't thinking about posting about my knitting when I started this. This was just a place to put my rambly thoughts. I guess that goes to show how much I've matured (grown) :-P since then.

I have been thinking about changing the template but I have no experience in doing that. I thought I was so cool when I learned some basic html. Basic html is not gonna help me on this one.

Well, in any case, I may still check out NaBloPoMo cause they have a cool badge with a cat on it. And we all know how much of a cat person I am.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Couple books ...

Since I've last posted I've listened to two audiobooks. Since I've gotten an MP3 player I've been requesting audiobook CDs from the library like crazy. I absolutely *love* listening to them when I go out on walks, while I knit or when I'm cleaning. They are *the bomb* (inside joke :-) ) Between those and podcasts I'm in Seventh Heaven :-)

The first one I listened to was "Life of Pi"
This book took a while for me to get into. It was such a slow start; explaining about the zoo, his family, and how Pi came to practice 3 religions. Then it seemed to move so quickly into the shipwreck. Then when it got to the part of him being in the lifeboat with Richard Parker it made me really think. I suppose this will be one of those books that will be a profound impact on my life but I'm not sure how just yet. When I got to the end I just stopped and thought about it. Then thought about it some more. I'm still thinking about it and it's been a few weeks since I've listened to it.

Ahhhh, but I digress, lol. I seen that there will be a movie made on this book. I wonder how close they will keep it to the original story. I'm sure the actors and the animals will be nothing like I've imagined them.

The next book I listened to was "The Red Tent"

Here is another book that I think will have a profound impact of me. What a wonderful story. I could not wait until the end. I found myself amazed at what women went through during biblical times. The hardships they had -- especially during labor and giving birth. Thank goodness for pain relief nowadays. I had always known that before modern times giving birth was somewhat like Russian roulette but this really opened my eyes to that aspect.

I cried right along with Dinah when she lost her love. I weeped when she gave birth and ultimately "lost" her son when he was sent to school. That would be absolutely awful to give birth to a child and not be acknowledged properly as the mother and treated like a second-class citizen. I got weepy-eyed when I realized she would eventually marry a carpenter. The ending was perfect too. I don't think the writer could have done a better ending.

On the needles I've got the third square of DS's blanket. I'm also going to make him a pair of mittens with extra long cuffs. One of the things that put a damper on winter fun last year was that his gloves didn't protect him like they should and he was always getting snow in his gloves/mittens. People in one of my knitting groups directed me to some great-looking mitten patterns that you make with two needles rather than in the round. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to work with DPNs again but I was thinking flat mittens would be quicker. Oh well, lol, we will see.