Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring fever

It's been pretty quiet around the homestead since I last posted a blog update. Mostly I've been keeping the home, or whatever it's called, and waiting for spring to finally arrive. 

I got a booklet full of crochet dishcloth patterns and I've been attempting those. I thought I had this crocheting thing down, but I don't think so. I'm still struggling with the patterns.

Temps are finally going up.  We are all so pumped for this.

Other things we are excited about? Planning the garden and getting baby chicks.

This year we are raising meat birds for the first time. We are also getting more Americaunas and Rhode Island Reds (I think). Our chick order won't be in until next week. I feel like I've been waiting forever already.

A couple weeks ago I picked up 10 meat birds from the local feed store.  They had their first batch of chicks for the store come in.

Okay, these guys are majorly cute and were adorable as they ran all over the brooder box. 

Love the little expression on this face. 

The chicks are now around two weeks old and oh my stars have they changed.  They now mostly just chill, drink a lot, eat a lot and poop a lot. Wow do they poop a lot. I had a pretty good idea they would but they have exceeded my expectations.  I spent the first week cleaning little fluffy butts to prevent pasty butt.

This is not the face of a happy baby.  Bath time was not very enjoyable.  She did enjoy snuggling with me afterwards.

This is what the babies look like now.

About three weeks ago a gentleman contacted us and asked if we wanted a small flock of hens. We said yes and set out to get them.

They look like they are homegrown and most of them have some banty or polish lineage in them.

Fiesty doesn't quite do it when describing them.  They haven't been hand raised and most screech like they are being murdered if you try to hold them.  There is one Barred Rock in the group and she's a little punk.  She was the first hen to peck me when I was checking for eggs.  There is also a girl who looks like a purebred leghorn.

And then there is the lone Americauna.  Oh, she is a sight. She's got scissor beak, odd feather coloring and I swear that all she's missing is crossed eyes. But, as my BIL said, she's got a great personality.  She doesn't screech when you hold her.  She makes you work for it though.  She's not easy to catch.

So now we have to learn how to care for a girl with special needs.  She does all right though. With a little more time and care I bet she'll start to be as sweet as little Elvis (when she's not broody).