Thursday, July 16, 2015

The summer is half over ...

The summer is simply flying by!

Earlier this week I turned to my DH and said "July is almost half done." Then it it hit me that the summer was nearly half over. Bummer.  Major bummer.

Even my son is feeling a bit glum about how fast the time is going.  He is enjoying daycamp through the county YMCA very much.


Well, on the upside, the garden is doing well after needing to be replanted a short time ago.  I'd say my lettuce is ready to start harvesting.  The pole beans started growing after three days.  My carrots however ... Still nothing.  Everything else is doing well.  I've got flowers on one of my cucumber plants already.  *Yay!*

The baby chicks aren't babies anymore.  They follow us to the garden when we go out to weed.  Last night a few of the Buff roos followed us IN and proceeded to make themselves at home.  Fortunately no real damage to the plants. 

Last night we also went scouting for blueberry plants to see what the foraging situation will be in the next few weeks.  Not quite there yet but soon.  The blackberries should be ready in a few weeks too.

For now, I'm plenty busy with stuff on the homestead.

The wildflowers have started blooming.  Every time we go out and about my son runs around and finds flowers to pick for me.

These were all picked for me last night. My son asked me to take pictures before the blooms wilted.