Monday, February 23, 2009

End of February check in

Well, ... my Hedera's are still not complete. I could have finished the second sock if I pushed myself this weekend but I had a nothing weekend and it was pretty much fabulous. I also think I'm suffering a case of SSS.

For DS's socks. Well, I forgot the pattern and work so I couldn't continue with those.

OH and there is a story on his first pair. I know I still haven't posted a picture of them being green but if I can pry the socks off his feet I have to take a photo cause you would not believe it otherwise, lol.

And here's pictures of my first plied yarn off my wheel.

(trying to be artsy close up)

(the whole thing photo)

I plied a second bobbin's worth last night. This first one was probably looser than it should have been. I did the second one a bit tighter.

As I said in the Kromski board I just can't say enough good things about this wheel.

My makeshift lazy kate worked great as well. Better than I thought it would. I guess I had had just a nightmare trying to ply before that I had it all built up in my head that it's always gonna be difficult. Then someone two-plied in front of me and I thought "Wow, that's not so hard" Someone else has Navajo plied in front of me as well, but I still haven't caught on to that yet. Someone will probably have to show me and be right there while I muddle through it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's time to share photos!

Here she is in all her glory! Isn't she purty?

And because I did the finish myself it means that much more to me. :-)

It was a custom stain. I think the wood picked it up beautifully.

Course CeeVee has to get into the photo! She hadn't throughly inspected it before this so she was in heaven smelling something new.

After messing with and getting the double drive set up I spun this us in about 30 minutes. Not a ton -- maybe 1/3 of the bobbin. But it was such a dream to spin.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine swap!

This year my mom's group decided to do a Valentine's Day swap. Oh was it ever fun!

I got homemade candy, homemade soap, handmade votive candles that smell super yummy! They are mango papaya.

The candy is a dark chocolate. I love it!

And I got a bag of one of my favorite teas, which I tore into Saturday. The little spoon in front is a tea spoon. I drink loose leaf tea.

This little spoon is just so sweet looking. I can't decide whether to bring it to work or keep it at home. When I see it smile.

Sorry for the yellow photo. Isn't the detailing sweet? :-)

Thank you dear Valentine :-)

Well ... it's done, among other things, lol

My house is a loverly mess, my boys have been ignored. I was even frozen a bit last night when a fan was brought into my bedroom to get the smell of stain out. But my wheel is done! I put two coats of poly on it. I probably won't be able to touch it again til about 9 p.m. So still no photos.

I have a bunch of updates to do this week. Not sure if I will have time for it all. I want to get my second sock done this week. Not sure when I will have time to finish it up. Still need to pick out a pattern for a washcloth.

I'm just so busy with stuff -- and tired. I feel tired from all this stuff, lol.

Things have to slow down at some point, right?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

It came, it came!

My Kromski came yesterday!

I took it out of the box last night and gave everything a once over. Everything looks good. I'm going to stain it today. And give it a coat of probably poly tomorrow. It looks like I won't be able to use the shellac because it dries too quickly and I wouldn't get an even coat on the wheel.

But it's here! and it's so pretty!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hedera socks

Hedera's. You would think that I'd have that simple little 4 row repeat memorized after finishing one sock. Not so, lol. I was really hoping to have the second one done this week. I don't know if it's gonna happen. Pictures will be coming as soon as I'm done with the pair.

In the meantime, here is a funny picture

Remind you of anyone? Yeah, that's totally CeeVee.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Couldn't have said it better myself. ...

Some of my buddies said it better than I could have here or here. is a boon to knitters everywhere. Well, most of them. But what gets me is part of their "guidelines"

ravelry is for all ages

* Refrain from adult language on the Main Six boards (For the Love or Ravelry, Yarn, Patterns, Techniques, Needlework on the Net, and Remnants). Also note that some of the 6000+ other group boards have their own rules about using adult language.
* Rule No adult language in avatars or usernames.
* Rule Nudity in avatars or other photos is not permitted.

*ahem* a group dedicated to crotch shots is family friendly? Not in my family

Course my favorite rule is "Be Excellent" with each other. WTH does that mean? That's listed under the Ravelry Eqituette

But what do I know. Apparently I'm a whole host of things that I won't post on here because *I* try to keep my little space on the internet friendly to people of all ages.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Niddy Noddy ~ all stained and prettied!

Here is my niddy noddy, all stained and varnished.

The stain is a custom job. called fireside. I plan on using this color for the spinning wheel.

Three coats of amber shellac was put on the niddy noddy. I absolutely love the warm glow this shellac gives to wood.

The fiber is some ashland colonial top that I spun on my current spinning wheel some time ago. I still have to set the twist on this stuff.