Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine swap!

This year my mom's group decided to do a Valentine's Day swap. Oh was it ever fun!

I got homemade candy, homemade soap, handmade votive candles that smell super yummy! They are mango papaya.

The candy is a dark chocolate. I love it!

And I got a bag of one of my favorite teas, which I tore into Saturday. The little spoon in front is a tea spoon. I drink loose leaf tea.

This little spoon is just so sweet looking. I can't decide whether to bring it to work or keep it at home. When I see it smile.

Sorry for the yellow photo. Isn't the detailing sweet? :-)

Thank you dear Valentine :-)

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A Note From The Queen said...

love the pretty spoon! Hmm wonder where she found that. Very nice!