Monday, February 23, 2009

End of February check in

Well, ... my Hedera's are still not complete. I could have finished the second sock if I pushed myself this weekend but I had a nothing weekend and it was pretty much fabulous. I also think I'm suffering a case of SSS.

For DS's socks. Well, I forgot the pattern and work so I couldn't continue with those.

OH and there is a story on his first pair. I know I still haven't posted a picture of them being green but if I can pry the socks off his feet I have to take a photo cause you would not believe it otherwise, lol.

And here's pictures of my first plied yarn off my wheel.

(trying to be artsy close up)

(the whole thing photo)

I plied a second bobbin's worth last night. This first one was probably looser than it should have been. I did the second one a bit tighter.

As I said in the Kromski board I just can't say enough good things about this wheel.

My makeshift lazy kate worked great as well. Better than I thought it would. I guess I had had just a nightmare trying to ply before that I had it all built up in my head that it's always gonna be difficult. Then someone two-plied in front of me and I thought "Wow, that's not so hard" Someone else has Navajo plied in front of me as well, but I still haven't caught on to that yet. Someone will probably have to show me and be right there while I muddle through it.

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