Monday, March 31, 2008

A nothing weekend ...

Well, not entirely true. But it kind of felt like a nothing weekend. I didn't start my second sock until Sunday night. I finished the ribbing by 10 p.m.

I also planted a couple seeds for tomatoes and pumpkins. Now that I have the indoor lighting and greenhouse I thought I would give it one more shot. I had kind of given up on tomatoes a few years back cause I never get much of a crop. Well. ... this year I'm gonna start the seeds 8 weeks earlier and indoors. Keep your fingers crossed for me that this works :-).

Oh I also planted a few orange seeds. Just for fun.

I had wanted to sew a little "knitting bag" this weekend. That was not to be either. My bobbin didn't want to wind. The thread broke 5 times. Can you believe I tried that many times.

So after cursing the machine I gave up. I will probably ignore that little project for a while now.

I went to Michael's and got some more beads. I'm gonna try making some more stitch markers. I also got some of the svaworksi crystal's.. OMGosh they are so pretty. :-) Oh look shiney! as one knitting rock star says :-) But for some reason, seeing those silly little stitch markers in my projects makes me smile. :-)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm done! (Blueberry waffle sock)

Granted, you can't really see the waffle pattern, but I'm done!

There are a few things I would have done differently. But I will do that when I make a second pair. I do have a ladder running down the sole of my sock, but that's okay. Hopefully it will go away a bit with washing and time.

I did do one thing differently which I didn't realize until now, lol. I didn't do the waffle pattern on the heel. Oh well, I'm making it "mine" :-)

I absolutely love how it feels on my foot and I would definitely make them again :-)

For the pattern go here.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Woo hoo! photo time

The photos aren't the best but I wanted to show off my progress. I just finished decreasing the gusset.

Besides, I know everyone wants to see my feet, lol.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Turned the heel

On my Blueberry waffle sock! OMGosh, this is a fast knit. LOL I say that *now*. I love it so far though. It is a real lightweight sock.

Oh and the weather is still windy. The sun was out yesterday and I went out side and got woken up by a *chilly* blast of air. So no walking at lunch for me, lol.

April, where are you????

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Not supposed to make socks

That is what I'm beginning to think. I spent probably 1.5 hours last night doing the ribbing for the Blueberry waffle socks and the last row I dropped a stitch somewhere and could not figure out where. I even stayed up till 11 do work on this and I don't stay up that late, lol.

I suppose I could give it another try sometime today. But if it doesn't pan out again I think I'm gonna take a knitting sabbatical for a week, lol. Should really practice my spinning.

Friday, March 21, 2008

RIP Hedera's

I give up. I frogged my Hedera for the last time. I'm just gonna have to try it with a different yarn.

In the meantime I'm gonna make some Blueberry Waffle socks. I have everything set to start those.

In the meantime I've found a scarf pattern for the sock yarn I was using for the Hedera's.

It is Branching Out from knitty

So this is Spring?

Yesterday being the first day of spring I think was a typical gorgeous first day of a new season. This morning it's 27 F out and windy. I can see the pine trees blowing around a bit.

Ugh, if this is the case than I can't wait til April. :-P Take that March! LOL

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A smathering of misc. stuff

I have done the second repeat on the Hedera socks. They kind of look like a tube of cat yak. LOL. I ended up doing something goofy on them so I only did 2/3 of one of the rows. So I made up for it by doing 1 and 1/3 rows of the Round 2. ... yeah :-) Anywho, I have now ended up with 61 stitches instead of 60. WTH? And it doesn't look like anything. It's just this mass of bumps, IMO. I keep thinking I must be doing something wrong. ... I should give it a little bit more time and see if anything happens with it or I'm just gonna have to give up on it. ...

I decided to have an "official" office project. It's a prayer shawl. Not sure if I'm gonna give it away to the prayer shawl program in the diocese or give it as a gift. I've only got like 10 rows done on it, but so far I'm happy with it :-).

Still working on the SSP. That's been kind of a work on it while in bed project.

The other night I did make some more stitch markers. I'm just so excited about those. Truly one of those things that just makes me happy when I see them, lol. Usually, it's my son or DH that makes me happy when I see them. But these are so pretty. And to think that I made them, well ... :-)

I haven't quite got the wrapping of them quite down yet, but it just takes practice. And that means more beads :-)

Oh and the cat got *extremely* affectionate with me tonite. I couldn't believe it cause she's usually so standoffish and independent. But she jumped on my lap, was kneading and purring and almost rolling onto her back.

I haven't been doing much in the audio books dept. In fact I was supposed to read/listen to one this month and I didn't :-( I haven't been listening to much of anything except for Sticks and String and Lime and Violet. I don't anticipate a new podcast from LnV anytime soon since Ms V. got the dog flu. But the old episodes are keeping me going during work, lol.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Doggone socks

Even though I had a lifeline I still ended up frogging the whole thing and spend a good chunk of time this morning reknitting the cuff and then putting a new lifeline in. But this time the life line has helped twice. I've now finished one 4 row repeat on the sock. I don't dare touch it for the rest of the night. I managed to lose one stitch in the during the second row. I have no idea how that happened cause I kept counting stitches. Anywho, I repeat down and I think 13 left to go, lol.

I've been neglecting my super secret project this week. But now that I think I've *figured* out my sock, (sortof) I will go back to working on the SSP.

I finished CeeVee's snuggle last night and set it in a spot for her. Course she swatted a towel down on it and slept on the towel *on top* of the snuggle.

Oh and I did make some stitch markers. Can't remember if I wrote about those before. But I don't have any real good pictures of them yet and I'm using a bunch of them on the SSP.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I'm getting ready to start the 10th row on my ribbing. I've read up on lifelines and I'm gonna try and squeeze one into that 10th row. Man on man, if I never have to do that ribbing again ... :-) Oh that would make me happy. I am getting quite good at it though :-)


LOL, I started working on my sock again last night. Yes, that sock, lol. I was kicking butt on the ribbing too. Did half the ribbing in less than an hour and this morning I was almost complete with the 6th round when I realized I has lost of stitch somewhere. Sure enough, I dropped a stitch. And I don't even have a crochet hook that small to pick one up on a sock. *mental note*

In other news, I finished one repeat on my super secret project. I'm kind of taking my time on that one and it's easy knitting too. I can' start to see the pattern and I"m a touch worried that you can't see the pattern cause of the type of yarn I used. But then I think I was looking at the "wrong" side :-P. In any case it keeps my attention and it's not mindless knitting and purling. It's knitting and purling with a purpose, lol.

I've done a few more rows on CeeVee's snuggle. Then I heard on a podcast that April has ASPCA day or something and there is a knitalong for a snuggle. I may try to do that, but I'd have to finish CeeVee's snuggle first. Also, I think the knitalong is for a dog snuggle. I have no idea how big to make those. I looked at the site and it said just however may stitches and rows you want. LOL, that doesn't help me. :-)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Does this mean I can call myself a fledgling designer?

I just created a pattern for my super secret project. Oh my gorsh! LOL

And it fits my requirements of stitches across and rows.

Course I have not tested this yet, lol. But I was back and forth trying to figure stuff and I think I have it. Course I can't share yet. But I'm hoping it turns out right :-)

I'm beginning to think this sock was not meant to be. ...

My Hedera sock from knitty I mean.

I managed to get the ribbing done and today I was sure to take my time with the start of the repeat. Well, I *think* I messed up on the first row. Wasn't sure but thought I would trudge on since that one was right next to the ribbing. Well, I definitaly messed up the repeat on the second row. And since the yarn I'm using is so small I ended up frogging again.

I'm using Brown Sheep wool sock yarn. I'm finding it to be pretty splitty. I'm not sure if this is how all sock yarns work though. I imagine that is not the case.

So I'm thinking this yarn is not the right yarn for the pattern so I should look for another pattern.

*sigh* Off to ravelry I guess.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I am in mad, mad love

With stitch markers, lol. Last night I had the bright idea of using stitch markers for my super secret project. Well, they are so slick to use and I love not having to count every stitch before switching my stitch to purl or knit. Well, then of course I realized the full extent of how a person can just fall in love with pretty stitch markers. Now I want some! :-) I know I can make them, I just need to get the components to make them. Ohh, ohh, new project!

Anywho, onto my super secret project. ... Well, this morning I realized I didn't have enough yarn for the pattern I had in mind. So ... I'm gonna try and modify it to a smaller so so I do have enough yarn. I have plenty of time to work on it still.

Oh and I finally cast on a pair of socks for myself. And re-cast on, and cast on again, lol.

It's been so long since I made DS his pair of socks that I'm having issues with yarn overs and stuff again. The socks I'm making are Hedera. I've had this pattern and yarn since Decemember 2007. I'm so excited to have a pair for myself, but I've never worked with sock yarn or U.S. size 1 needles. Oy! Takes me about 20 mins. to cast on and do the first row of ribbing.

This afternoon I cast on a "snuggle" for CeeVee girl. This will be my first one. After I make her one I will start making some for the local animal shelter. The idea of making bigger one's for the dogs seem a bit daunting but there is no time limit on these. But I do love the idea of animals having their own lovey.

CeeVee's will be a pretty one made out of lavendar colored and white colored yarn. The colors are meshing real nice so far.