Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A smathering of misc. stuff

I have done the second repeat on the Hedera socks. They kind of look like a tube of cat yak. LOL. I ended up doing something goofy on them so I only did 2/3 of one of the rows. So I made up for it by doing 1 and 1/3 rows of the Round 2. ... yeah :-) Anywho, I have now ended up with 61 stitches instead of 60. WTH? And it doesn't look like anything. It's just this mass of bumps, IMO. I keep thinking I must be doing something wrong. ... I should give it a little bit more time and see if anything happens with it or I'm just gonna have to give up on it. ...

I decided to have an "official" office project. It's a prayer shawl. Not sure if I'm gonna give it away to the prayer shawl program in the diocese or give it as a gift. I've only got like 10 rows done on it, but so far I'm happy with it :-).

Still working on the SSP. That's been kind of a work on it while in bed project.

The other night I did make some more stitch markers. I'm just so excited about those. Truly one of those things that just makes me happy when I see them, lol. Usually, it's my son or DH that makes me happy when I see them. But these are so pretty. And to think that I made them, well ... :-)

I haven't quite got the wrapping of them quite down yet, but it just takes practice. And that means more beads :-)

Oh and the cat got *extremely* affectionate with me tonite. I couldn't believe it cause she's usually so standoffish and independent. But she jumped on my lap, was kneading and purring and almost rolling onto her back.

I haven't been doing much in the audio books dept. In fact I was supposed to read/listen to one this month and I didn't :-( I haven't been listening to much of anything except for Sticks and String and Lime and Violet. I don't anticipate a new podcast from LnV anytime soon since Ms V. got the dog flu. But the old episodes are keeping me going during work, lol.

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