Sunday, March 16, 2008

Doggone socks

Even though I had a lifeline I still ended up frogging the whole thing and spend a good chunk of time this morning reknitting the cuff and then putting a new lifeline in. But this time the life line has helped twice. I've now finished one 4 row repeat on the sock. I don't dare touch it for the rest of the night. I managed to lose one stitch in the during the second row. I have no idea how that happened cause I kept counting stitches. Anywho, I repeat down and I think 13 left to go, lol.

I've been neglecting my super secret project this week. But now that I think I've *figured* out my sock, (sortof) I will go back to working on the SSP.

I finished CeeVee's snuggle last night and set it in a spot for her. Course she swatted a towel down on it and slept on the towel *on top* of the snuggle.

Oh and I did make some stitch markers. Can't remember if I wrote about those before. But I don't have any real good pictures of them yet and I'm using a bunch of them on the SSP.

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