Monday, March 31, 2008

A nothing weekend ...

Well, not entirely true. But it kind of felt like a nothing weekend. I didn't start my second sock until Sunday night. I finished the ribbing by 10 p.m.

I also planted a couple seeds for tomatoes and pumpkins. Now that I have the indoor lighting and greenhouse I thought I would give it one more shot. I had kind of given up on tomatoes a few years back cause I never get much of a crop. Well. ... this year I'm gonna start the seeds 8 weeks earlier and indoors. Keep your fingers crossed for me that this works :-).

Oh I also planted a few orange seeds. Just for fun.

I had wanted to sew a little "knitting bag" this weekend. That was not to be either. My bobbin didn't want to wind. The thread broke 5 times. Can you believe I tried that many times.

So after cursing the machine I gave up. I will probably ignore that little project for a while now.

I went to Michael's and got some more beads. I'm gonna try making some more stitch markers. I also got some of the svaworksi crystal's.. OMGosh they are so pretty. :-) Oh look shiney! as one knitting rock star says :-) But for some reason, seeing those silly little stitch markers in my projects makes me smile. :-)

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