Thursday, March 13, 2008


LOL, I started working on my sock again last night. Yes, that sock, lol. I was kicking butt on the ribbing too. Did half the ribbing in less than an hour and this morning I was almost complete with the 6th round when I realized I has lost of stitch somewhere. Sure enough, I dropped a stitch. And I don't even have a crochet hook that small to pick one up on a sock. *mental note*

In other news, I finished one repeat on my super secret project. I'm kind of taking my time on that one and it's easy knitting too. I can' start to see the pattern and I"m a touch worried that you can't see the pattern cause of the type of yarn I used. But then I think I was looking at the "wrong" side :-P. In any case it keeps my attention and it's not mindless knitting and purling. It's knitting and purling with a purpose, lol.

I've done a few more rows on CeeVee's snuggle. Then I heard on a podcast that April has ASPCA day or something and there is a knitalong for a snuggle. I may try to do that, but I'd have to finish CeeVee's snuggle first. Also, I think the knitalong is for a dog snuggle. I have no idea how big to make those. I looked at the site and it said just however may stitches and rows you want. LOL, that doesn't help me. :-)

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