Thursday, December 31, 2009

On to a new year ...

Next year has to be better than the last one, lol. Not that horrific things happened (well, define horiffic) but there sure has been a lot of stress this year.

In looking over my last few entries I realized that I have photos to post. Oops. In the meantime, here is one.

I finished my blanket. I am in mad, mad love with this blanket. Now that we have a cold system that has settled into our area it is getting a lot of use.

I have also been doing some spinning recently. I bought some fiber from a fellow BB. Oh, the stuff spins like a dream.

Here is a partial bobbin full.

It is a corriedale and merino cross. Am loving it. I will Navajo ply it this weekend. Don't have a project in mind for it yet. But I want something that will be close to the skin. Maybe a neck warmer.

I have noticed that this week seems to be the time where everyone is posting on their blogs for the new year and what their goals are. I have been thinking about this for a while. Honestly, what I want for the next year is a healthy family and less stress. While my happy was not broken is was definitely pulled, twisted and bent. It will take a while still before I feel centered and all that good junk.

Last year I had the plan (ha ha) of making a pair of socks each month and a washcloth. While that didn't happen I certainly have enough socks to keep my satisfied. Though I plan on always having a vanilla sock in the car with me and a vanilla sock at work so I always have a project in hand.

I have never been one for casting on a ton of stuff at once and then stressing about it all but I plan to choose my projects a bit more carefully. There are things I would like to do this year like play with colorwork, learn to crochet, dye more fiber and yarn, and make a sweater.

I've been kind of introspective (is that the right word?) the last few weeks. I seem to go through this every so often. I realized that there are only a few places I really hang out online and drama, even online, can drain you. I have learned that there seems to be a new online knitting community drama that rolls around about every six months or so. I have start unsubscribing from certain podcasts that kind of feed into that or constantly mention certain web sites.

I've learned a lot about myself in the last year. I hope you all have too.

A Merry Christmas (cause we are still in the 12 days of Christmas) and a happy new year. Make it bring us more joy than than we had in 2009.