Wednesday, March 4, 2009

DS's green socks

Well, here's a photo. Remember I made these for his birthday at the beginning of February. I mentioned them here. Well, the didn't even last 19 days. He never took them off, and I had to sweet talk him into taking them off twice so I could wash them.

And he's already wearing the first one I've made him from the second pair. He's so silly. I've just finished decreasing the gusset on the second sock. I should have it finished by bedtime tonite.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March projects

In an effort use up my cotton yarn and be more "green", not to mention the fact that I want pretty colored dishclothes I'm going to go on a dishcloth making binge.

Also, one of my buddies had sent out a request for kids hats. I promised to make at least one. So I'm gonna work that in somewhere as well.

In anycase I guess those are my goals for the next month. :-) I do want to work on another pair of socks for myself. However, I think I may just make a pair of vanilla socks. Now just to decide how many stitches to cast on ...


I was hoping to do this at the end of *last* month. But I guess March 3 will have to do, lol.


Oh I'm still in mad, mad love with my spinning wheel. I'm practicing spinning from the fold and long draw. Not sure if I've got the long draw part "right" but I"m loving spinning from the fold. Or what my version of it is. My yarn is getting much more even and thinner. Oh wow is it getting thinner. I thought I was doing pretty good before. But I've impressed myself.

I'm still practicing with my colonial top in "bluebell."

I've got only one spot on the bobbin where it just overspun and I never noticed until it was too late. All things considered I'm not too worried about it.

I want to figure out Najavo plying next. I tried it this weekend and thought I was missing something. After watching more videos again and thinking about it I've come to the conclusion that I had the technique right *but* I wasn't holding the twist at the beginning of the loop (make sense/) I was letting it run right up the loop and basically letting it get away from me.


I finished my Hedera's. About a year in the making and I finally did this pattern. I love them. Just love them.

Naturally, the photos don't do them justice. A lot of people at work were oohing and ahhing over them :-)

For my February washcloth I did just a kind of plain jane one. I was a combination of knits and purls to make a modified ridge-thingy.

It was kind of nice to just do a no-brainer knit. I'm using up my scrap cotton yarn and it's just about enought for a washcloth. I did the cloth 35 stitches wide. Not sure how many rows though. I'm getting better at guessing when I should start doing the edges on them and not running short.

I've been working on a second pair of socks for DS. I've got one done so far. I've just turned the heel on the second one.

I can't remember if I mentioned this before but I'm not going to dye these ones. As soon as I dig out where the first socks have been hidden I'm going to take a photo.

For whatever reason he doesn't seem quite as excited about these ones. Maybe because I'm not going to dye them green ???? If he really wants green one's I guess I would. I would definitely soak them longer before dyeing them this time around.