Thursday, November 29, 2007

The chair

Long story short: About 6 years ago I took an upholstery class and had a chair as my project piece. For reasons I care not to go into I wasn't able to finish the class. Thus my chair languished for years in my garage half-ripped apart BEGGING to be taken care of.

Last year about this time I (with some nudging from my guy) decided to finish it. He helped me tons by scouring sales on ebay to find "just the right" leather and the finishing nails. He helped me put on the back of the chair. He can hammer better and straighter than me since he's a carpenter. Well, then I stopped working on the chair when I got to the seat. Can you believe *a year later* I still haven't finished the chair? Tonite I started puttering with it. It's time to put this pony to bed, lol. Know what? I don't think the leather is gonna fit! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! This is so fustrating cause I cut the leather bigger than the original piece. If I want it to fit there is got to be almost no padding. *shaking head*.

Here is CeeVee checking it out.

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