Tuesday, November 13, 2007

November is NaBloPoMo! (try saying that 3 times fast)

I was listening to Manic Mommies today and discovered November is NaBloPoMo. Well, that's all fine and good but I just heard about it so I guess I can't really participate in it since the month is nearly half over. Besides, I usually don't have a lot to say other than I thought about knitting but didn't get to cause my son took my time. :-)

Honestly, I work, come home, clean, play with my son, knit, exercise, sleep (not necessarily in that order or all in the same night). Course it could be neat to look back and see that on such and such date I actually DID something.

Since started this blog (however long ago it was) I had no clue what I wanted to write about. I knew I should keep it happy and not speak unkind words about anyone -- not that I would!!! And it's already undergone one "revision" so to speak. I wasn't thinking about posting about my knitting when I started this. This was just a place to put my rambly thoughts. I guess that goes to show how much I've matured (grown) :-P since then.

I have been thinking about changing the template but I have no experience in doing that. I thought I was so cool when I learned some basic html. Basic html is not gonna help me on this one.

Well, in any case, I may still check out NaBloPoMo cause they have a cool badge with a cat on it. And we all know how much of a cat person I am.

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