Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Finished my First project of the year :-)

I did it! LOL. And first Christmas gift for 2008 done. Won't say who it's for though.

It's easily 6 feet long though. I was surprised at how long it was.

And of course I had to cast on a couple more projects.

This is an afghan I am making myself. It's on the speedstix. I don't think the photo does it justice (may have to load a new photo) but the colors together are soooooo pretty.

And, of course, another scarf. This one is for myself too :-) Since I can whip a scarf out pretty quickly (an easy one that is) I will bring this one to work and work on it during free time. I may become one of those people who always carries a project around and take advantage of waiting time. (I so could have done that this weekend, waited a bit for someone.)

All in all, a very productive day. Won't have one of these for a while. Have to go back to work tomorrow. And I won't be able to just knit my hearts content for a while.

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sunt_lacrimae_rerum said...

What fantastic knitting! And what a gorgeous tortie cat you have. She's lovely.