Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

The year of 2007 went so quickly that I can't believe it. After the nice, warmer temps. we've been experiencing the last few weeks I woke up to a temp. of zero. Oh, that's not good. I guess we won't be playing out in the snow.

Well, last night I finished my list for 101 in 1001. It will probably be a while before I get it posted. Since this is my last day of time off before going back to work I don't want to spend of ton of time on the computer.

I have to laugh cause I can hear ds downstairs talking to grandma and dh is up here with me watching "fairy oddparents" :-) Our TV habits sure have changed in the last few years.

Anywho, I know I need to update this blog something horrible and I'm not even sure what it all is that I need to do. ... I do know I should post that I started a new scarf. It's a fun fur scarf in "peacock" It's gonna be someone's Christmas present for 2008. Yup, you read that right. :-) This year I'm gonna make everyone's Christmas presents in one form or another and I'm getting a head start. :-)

I also am going to make myself an afghan out of LionBrand Boucle. The colors are gonna be "blueberry" and "popsicle" (I think that's the color) I cast it on real quick and the colors look really good together. But it uses a couple stitches that I'm not familiar with so I need to practice those a bit before I start the afghan. Specially since they will be done on the size 50 speedstix. (they are huge!) Also, I wish they weren't read, lol.

I thought I was gonna join a sock-a-long this year but I think I'm gonna have to hold off on that. Unless I plan on starting it at the end of the month, lol. I have a smallish stash of yarn to burn through. ... I have a bunch of stuff to make and I made a promise to myself and DH that I wouldn't buy anymore yarn till I get this stuff done. :-)

That's not so big, right?

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