Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Last night I took pictures

Of my current WIP's and finally took photos of my yarns. Now I am one step closer to getting the stuff up on Ravelry. Baby steps mind you :-) I did a mini marathon of knitting last night, working on all three projects.

Here is a throw that I've frogged off and on for the last month. I'm getting ready to start the third ball on each color. It's made with Lionbrand Boucle (which has alpaca in it, I believe) Already it's super warm. But getting heavy. Thank goodness they are on 25 mm needles I guess, lol.

Close up of the yarn. I just love how these colors came together, since I picked them to be together and I think they turned out great, maybe I wouldn't be so bad at color schemes, eh? :-)

Here is the Lion Brand Suede Scarf that I'm working on. I'm doing the seed stitch. So it's taking me a bit longer to do. It's also my tote to work and back project.

Here's a close up of the stitch definition.

Finally, here is my fun fur scarf. When I picked out the yarn I thought it was gonna be a varigeted colorway, but now I see that it is striping. Not sure how I feel about the striping. But when it's done I will make a final decision on it.

It is pretty colors though. :-)

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