Friday, February 8, 2008

Quick check in

I've finished the fun fur self-striping scarf. I decided I like it :-). Course I like it even better now that I'm done with it, lol.

I'm about halfway done with the throw. It's starting to get heavy. I still haven't got the hang of working with those big needles.

And I've got about 4 ft done of the suede scarf. I'm almost done with the first ball of yarn. I don't think I'll make the second scarf in a moss stitch pattern. Although I do love how it looks. I'm thinking maybe a basketweave stitch. Not totally sure yet.

I managed to get pictures of my projects loaded up on ravelry. Course now they aren't up to date. I also got my needles all listed. I have photos of all of my stash taken so now I just need to list those all on ravelry and I can cross one more thing off my list.

Oh and I won a drop spindle on ebay. I went with peoples recommendations and looked up anniemay spindles. DH had found a seller in the state but they didn't sell roving with the spindles and it had a very pretty decorative handle that I wasn't sure if that was "kosher" for spinning. So hopefully I will get the drop spindle early next week. Who knows, if I work my little fingers to the bone I can get either the scarf or throw done this weekend just in time for my new toy. :-)

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