Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Visit to the frog pond last night

Only about a 100 yards. The throw I'm working on had a dropped stitch in it. I didn't notice it until I was way past it of course. Considering how much time I'm spending on this I do NOT want this having an obvious oops. So I ripped back and had to keep the yarns in some sort of semblence of order. Took a long time. But I finally managed to get the stitches back on those needles. I think it was particularly hard because the loops are so big and I'm using two strands of yarn. This makes me not overly anxious to make a throw on those size 50 needles any time soon after this.

Tried my drop spindle last night. There is stuff missing from the literature I have. I took a visit to the beginning spinners group on ravalry and came across a great pdf. I probably won't come try the drop spindle again till this weekend though.

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