Friday, January 18, 2008

Grrrrr ...

I decided to make my afghan on the size 35 speed stix and I was cruising along with it when I discovered that the sides were unraveling or something. Huh? WTHeck? So I ended up frogging the thing cause evidently I like knitting up those balls of yarn and then rolling them back into balls. *sigh* I will try them again sometime this weekend.

I joined a lace knit a long last night. Secret of the stole II. I'm excited and scared at the same time. I have never done lace before and I have no clue what yarn or size needles to use. Also, this means I may have to go get more yarn (not that getting yarn is bad) But I think I know where I can get some and not totally break the bank. I do have Christmas money, lol.

I'm also working on a washcloth that is in the "waterfalls" afghan pattern. I thought I would try something different in a washcloth with this ball of cotton yarn. It's rainbow colored so I thought it might look pretty, lol. We will see :-).

That is about it I think :-)

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