Monday, March 5, 2007

Made it through the blizzard

Got off work early Thursday. Had near white-out conditions by the fairgrounds. Then we "waited it out" :-) Friday it was so pretty out. I felt like a kid again. It was so calm and quiet and there were tons of snow hills and drifts. I hope we have more snowfalls like this when DS is older. I remember all the fun I had when I was a young'un, lol. We did take him out for a while and pulled him around in a sled. He had lots of fun. DH took a couple pics of me with DS and I think they turned out cute. DS was holding my hand and helping me navigate the "treacherous snowhills" LOL. We took it easy over the weekend and I got caught up on a bunch of stuff. Was a wonderful time for a snow day :-)

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