Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I can't believe I finally did it :-)

After spending a weekend of *trying* to make a bootie on the knifty knitter (and failing) I made a hat for my DS. Oh it turned out so cute that I decided to make a second one on the next size up knifty knitter. They are so cute.

First hat made on knifty knitter

The second hat I used both green and white yarn. DH said to make him one out of cotton yarn so it doesn't make him itchy when he's working. :-) I think the hat I make for him I will make with needles rather than the knitter. He works outside a lot and needs a tight stich. Although ... I suppose I could try the 1 over 2 stitch. It's something to ponder anyways.

Second hat made with knifty knitter

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