Thursday, July 30, 2009

FO ~ On the Metro socks

From Wendyknits "Socks from the toe up" book

I have to say that I'm so so glad to be done with them. Nothing wrong with the pattern. All errors on my part. But I did get frustrated with these socks. And with that's had been going on IRL it took me a while to complete the second sock. I can tell I was much more tense during the first sock.

I put no cuff on these socks. The reason: I wanted to just be done with that first sock. I seen a pair of socks in CookieA's book and they looked pretty fabulous without a cuff. I kind of like how the top kind of rolls. It has this ruffly look to it as well.

So onto the next project. I'm not sure what I'm gonna start next though. I do know I want to spend some time on my stole. Otherwise that poor thing is never gonna get done. I'm on row 11 I think.

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