Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tour de Fleece and a mini update

A week ago or so I seen scuttlebutt about the Tour de Fleece coming up. I thought this was perfect since I want to get back to my spinning. So I got my spinning wheel back out and it is in my bedroom right now. I did some quick spinning Sunday night and oh it was heaven. I felt tension leave my body and there is something so soothing about the sounds of the wheel spinning and the foot treadles going.

A few of us over on the BB are going to do a spinalong together. Since we aren't competing against each other we are just setting some goals. Right now I'm trying to decide on personal goals. I have a braid of fiber that I bought a few years ago and I may just spin that OR try my hand at dyeing up some fiber and spin that.

In the knitting world I did start up Adamas but just frogged it again. I managed to make a boo boo on the first repeat and I don't know what I did. This past weekend I started up a vanilla sock again. I am going to keep that project in the background and work on it during the weekends we are out and about.

I have started jogging and I'm learning a ton about my breathing. Last night I went out jogging and I didn't feel like I was dying. I take that as a positive.

My son started summer school this week. So far he is loving it and I think it's a wonderful intro to the school that he will be going to for kindergarten.

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