Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The gales of November

A radar shot for my area today. We have hurricane strength winds going. Last night was pretty bad as well. The compared the winds yesterday to those similar to the winds that sunk the Edmund Fitzgerald. For my area, this ship is a big deal. The cities observe the day in remembrance.

I think it's been a while since the winds have whipped up so furiously. I heard them last night but did my best to ignore them. We have a neighbor who has some large, beautiful pine trees in his yard and when the wind blows I always worry that they are gonna come tumbling down on our house.

Yesterday evening the family drove to "the point" to see if the waves were going. If the wind is blowing in the right direction you can get something like this

This is a picture that was taken over in Duluth, probably last year. I will admit, it's not my photo but I don't know who to give proper credit too. This is where ships come in on Duluth's side. As you can see the waves were washing over the sea walls.

Last night the wind was blowing in the wrong way so no big waves. My umbrella did rip however. I guess that's what you get for buying a $4 umbrella.

Schools were closed today across the bridge and my coworkers told me that the wind was pretty strong on the high bridge.

I'm not ready to admit that the pretty side of fall is now over and we have to start preparing for winter. Time to bring out the scarves, hats and mittens.

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