Monday, March 28, 2011

And we're back ...

Oh it's been kind of a roller coaster last few weeks. My staff writer left the paper to work at a place closer to her family. It was a sad time for the whole work building. She really made an impression on everyone. Then at the end of February some sort of flu virus came to the house. We all got sick. It was a pretty miserable time.

I haven't done much knitting to speak of. I've done even less spinning. Oh, my poor spinning wheel has been neglected.

The long and short of it is that I haven't done a whole lot of anything.

That will soon be changing, however.

See this photo? It's the happy place. The snow is receding out there. We have been gradually bringing things back out. Just a little at a time though. It is certainly not warm enough to spend any length of time out there, but the temps are steadily rising, the sun is shining and it's warmer. All ingredients to give me the itch for gardening and nature photography.

Which brings me to another hobby of mine, photography. I love taking photos. I'm not as good as I'd like to be but I think I do pretty good. I've haven't been one for doing a lot of digital imaging processing.

That is changing though. I've downloaded the GIMP photo editing software and I'm gradually teaching myself how to process the photos through the program. I have touched up just a few photos but I can see a difference already. It occurred to me that it's really no different than messing with negatives and colorizing, etc. I learned one or two things so far and I feel like a whole world has opened up to me.

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