Saturday, January 14, 2012

First FO of the year

I forgot to post the yellow socks.

Now that I look at them, the color really blends into my floor.

Yup, nothing fancy. They are pretty warm. Which is nice now that the weather finally changed and it's cold outside.

I don't really have anything on the needles right now. I am kind of working on a gift for my son's birthday by I hit a part in the pattern that I'm trying to figure out. So it's off to the side right now.

I've done a scant bit of spinning. Two nights ago I started navajo-plying a bobbin.

No real crochet. I'm still practicing the basic stitches with left over dishcloth yarn. A square was finally made from single crochet that I kept the same number of stitches and the sides are reasonable straight. I'm pretty pumped about that. Now I feel I can try my hand at the next stitch.

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