Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weekend project

A few weeks ago my guy was able to get some kitchen cabinets that were in need of some TLC and rehab work.  This week the cabinets were delivered to the homestead and this weekend my DH set them up in the garage.

Don't they look great?  Now my guy has got himself a work bench, a place for tools, storage space and a place for processing any deer that may be harvest this year and the years down the road.

We purchased the counter this weekend at Menard's for a great price and he installed this a.m.

The cabinets completely change the personality of the garage. It's a bit brighter and the garage doesn't feel as cluttered as it used to. 

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Kelsbels said...

Looks great! I think those cabinets are nicer than the ones in my kitchen! LOL