Thursday, December 8, 2016

Advent 2016


Today during our office meeting, my coworker, boss and I were remarking about how this year's Advent doesn't seem very hope-filled, or joy-filled. After the meeting, Mass was held in our office chapel, followed by a potluck, and craft sale.  The entire work building was filled with this wonderful holiday spirit.  People were kind to each other, and were happy.  This feeling actually started earlier in the day when one of the gals decorated the kitchen, baked a coffee cake, and set the table with nice snacks for break time.

I've tried to embrace the spirit and reason for this season, and I could be doing more to nurture it along.  However, just when I think I've got it, I see something on the Internet, someone says something, or something happens. Then I feel sad, or lose faith in humanity.  Because of this, I haven't been spending much time online, if I can help it.

 I've been trying to so hard to think of others, and have kind thoughts and considerations. Others are not having the same charitable spirit, and their actions give the perception that Christmas is just one more thing have to get through or endure.

Not only are people overlooking THE reason for the season, whether they realize it or not, they are slowly killing the holiday cheer for the people who are trying so hard to hold on to it. When I speak with others and they start bah humbugging the holiday or start complaining about doing this, or doing that, I start to feel small about all the plans and things I want/ed to do, to celebrate. Perhaps I *shouldn't* do what I want, because it might be seen as overkill, when the least amount of effort could suffice. I don't know, maybe I *shouldn't* be bothering?  But then, what kind of Christmas will my son have?  So I soldier on.

This year I participated in an ornament swap and I poured so much of myself into it, knowing the recipient would appreciate each thing I made especially for her, and each thing I purchased with her in mind. Being in the ornament swap gave me the outlet for crafting and gift-giving I seemed to desperately need, especially after the tumultuous presidential election this year.

What am I doing to ensure I get into the Christmas spirit and stay there?  Well, the Christmas music will be playing, the Christmas lights will be on, and I will probably be found in the kitchen, baking up a storm, when I'm not thinking of things to make for next year's craft sale.

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