Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Re-entry is hard, guy

Today was my first day back at work.  All things considered, it was all right. I had less than 100 emails and only two voicemails.  I spent the day getting back on track, and taking care of paperwork.

The only "what the" moment I had was during morning break.  I sat in the wrong spot at the table and that caused a ripple in the atmosphere, I guess.  When I went to change spots, I managed to spill my cup of tea. After that I decided maybe I should stay in my office for the rest of the day.

I did get some work done on my brambles beret hat. I've got the 12 rows of 1 x 1 rib done.  Now I can go up to the next needle size.

Over my lunch hour I made a mad dash up to JoAnn's Fabric.  You see, I had been on the hunt for a three inch embroidery hoop.  I tried the wal*marts, Hobby Lobby and Michael's. This past weekend I called the  Hobby Lobby store to ask if they were in stock.  The gal went and looked, said "yes, we have about 16," and I thought "great!"  I arrived at the store and they didn't have them in stock.  Turns out she looked, but didn't really look.  She assumed.  Grrrr.

Today I went on JoAnn's website and it tells you if items are in stock at your local store.  I went to the store.  It was my first time there. Honestly, I'm not seeing why people are crazy for this store.

Anywho, I found where they *should* be, and there was none on the shelf. Turns out, they hadn't been unpacked and shelved yet.  It was like the universe was conspiring against me to get this size hoop.  There was only three employees working at the store, when I was being assisted there was suddenly a line of people wanting to pay for their purchases and you could tell they weren't feeling very patient.  Once I got my item, and a metal Wilton donut pan, I was having trouble finding the right 50 percent off coupon on the smart phone app.  But darn it! it was *my* turn to be assisted. 

I thanked the gal and let her know I appreciated her helping me.  I imagine she was feeling a bit stressed since they were short staffed.

Too bad I didn't get the hoop sooner.  It would have made working on my cross stitch project so much easier.

Over the summer I picked up a few small cross stitch projects from Hobby Lobby.  I thought they would fit in the 4 inch hoop I had.  Nope.  Last week I made the turkey cross stitch project in the above photo. It really wasn't an enjoyable project, without a hoop.  I persevered and got it done ... Sunday night I think.

Now I can work on the next project. A little witch hat for next Halloween.  Fingers crossed this one is more enjoyable.  When I was tossing the yarn and fabric stash last week, I discovered this kit, and another one of a cardinal. I forgot I had them.  I think maybe no more craft shopping for a while.

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