Friday, March 10, 2017

If we were having coffee ... (Where did February go?)

This type of blog post is for when I have a lot of little things I want to share, or when I feel the need to catch up. 

 So, grab your coffee/beverage of your choice. Water this time around, because I'm in recovery mode, and need all the H2O I can get. One of these days I'll actually take a photo of myself holding a cup of coffee for these posts. ... One day. ... But today is not that day.  

If we were having coffee ... I'd ask "Where did February go?" But it's been so much more than time flying past quickly. I think my writing muse isn't doing her job. Only ... that is not the whole thing either. I've been sitting in front of the computer so much for work that I don't want to be on when I get home.  Boy, same old, same old.

If I'm honest, my lack of writing has a lot to do with the weather that was very unFebruary-like. (Is that even a word?)

This last month my son decided he wanted to give skiing a try.  There was an "experience day" at his school and one of the options was skiing.

My husband decided to teach him how to ski, and take him out on the hills at least once before the field trip.  We found a small hill near home that worked for a bunny hill.  My son got the hang of it right off the bat.  The next day we went to another hill close to home that would work as a practice run, and was steeper than the bunny hill.

I'm so proud of him! He thoroughly enjoyed his school trip to the ski hill.  He got such a keen interest in skiing that my husband found him a set of really nice used skis, boots, and whatnot. This is something both my husband and son can do together. Woo hoo!

Yeah ... So they both know how to ski, they both directed their sights on me, and started cajoling *me* to start skiing.

Back when I was about my son's age, my elementary school had field trips up to the ski hill and it was super fun and great for everyone, except those who didn't know how to ski. I was one of the few who didn't know how to ski.  The teachers and chaperones let the kids loose on the hill and we were basically on our own.  The first year I didn't even know where the bunny hill was, much less where any instructors might be.  I ended up going down a hill I had absolutely no business going down, and falling down at least once. It was a disaster.

The second year we were actually directed to the bunny hill, but there was no one to show us how to do anything.  So, yeah ... I have no fond memories of skiing, and not much desire to learn.

My dear, sweet husband, upon learning just how crappy my first skiing experience was, decided he needed to do something about this.

I was talked into trying skiing again. I used my husbands old boots and skis, and we went to the little hill by our house.

It was a trip, let me tell you. I have crappy balance, I don't like feeling out of control, and I hate "speed" without a sense of security, if that makes any sense.

I finally got going a couple times, and I kept veering off to the side of the "run," and I'd panic and try to readjust.  A couple times I just gave up and went right into the snowbank.  After a while it was sort of comical, as if I was purposefully aiming myself for the one snowbank.  I'd crash, start laughing and need help getting up.

The one time I fell backwards because things "didn't feel right." (Yes, I put that in quotes) and when I got up, tried to back myself out, I started moving forward again.  I was so caught off guard that I feel backwards again. After this my husband started calling me a fainting goat. Which is actually really funny when I think about it.

Eventually I started feeling more comfortable, but exhausted.

The next weekend *someone* decided we should try it again.  Only this time, there was no snow. It was all ice.  Really hard to feel comfortable and safe while skiing on glare ice. 

Frustrations abounded. It was beautiful day, all week actually, so, no surprise the snow had melted.

Oh, did I mention that by this time I had my own set of skis and boots?  Yup. It was my Valentine's Day gift.

So then it was decided we should hit a different ski hill in the area.  One that none of us had been too. My son had already been chomping at the bit to go skiing again, and it was another gorgeous day. So, why not?

We packed up a lunch and I spent the day on the bunny hill. The boys tried to talk me into going on the ski lift, to the top of the hill.  I refused.  In addition to all of my other quirks, I have a fear of heights. It's something I know I need to overcome in the near future.

My boys, however, have no fun quirks. They were up and down the hill all day.

My son LOVES just going.  My husband, thanks to years of skiing, has developed a certain panache with skiing.

I got really good on the bunny hill, and outgrew it pretty quickly.  I ended up walking up part of one of the hills, putting my skis on, and trying out something a little steeper.  My husband was kind enough to carry my skis for me, which was good because I was wore out by the time I got to the spot.

You can tell I was still feeling a bit unsure, and I had no idea what I should do with the poles, so I just held them.

If we were having coffee ... Other than the skiing, there hasn't been much going on, except for illness. Those darn cooties!  We've all spent time home sick the last couple weeks. Some more than others.  The illness is really sticking with my son.  In fact, I had to go pick him up from school Wednesday, and keep him home yesterday and today. He was home Monday and Tuesday, and two days sick just over a week ago.  There must be a few different things making the rounds at the school. He's currently in bed, sleeping. My poor little man.

If we were having coffee ... I'd say, with some regret, that my crafting has slowed down considerably the last month.

The quilt I started months ago, I was determined to finish it by the end of this month.  Specially since my son kept asking me when it was going to be done.  I kicked it into high gear, and completed it. Yay!


Completed on Friday, February 24, 2017, at 11 p.m. on the dot.   It was one of those sewing sessions where I stayed up a bit later than usual since I knew I didn't have to be at work the next day.

For being my first quilt that can be used and loved, I'm really pleased with it.  I put the binding on with my sewing machine.  I'm not real keen on machine binding, I've decided. Unless there is a different way I should be doing it, even with a walking foot, the material still moves at different paces. Or, maybe it's because the piece was so big?  Really hard to say, and I just don't have enough experience with quilting, to know what is what.

Oh, and I tried following a tutorial on sewing the binding pieces together, on the bias.  Yeah, that didn't work out quite so well for me either.  Again, I probably misunderstood something. So I had to make some design features.  But still, I'm so pleased with it, overall.

My son claimed the quilt as his own, as soon as it was completed.  He's currently snuggled under it, along with a few other blankets.

If we were having coffee ... I'd ask what you think my next quiltish project should be. I think I should work on a few small things and get some practice in for binding and hand quilting. Table runners maybe?

If we were having coffee ... I'd let you know that I did make a project bag with the valentine-themed fabric.  I made it right after posting my last blog entry.

It came together so nicely and I'm so pleased with how it turned out.  Then I looked on Instagram. Someone I recently started following posted a bunch of bags in this shape.  Here I thought I was being unique in my bag shaping.  Oh well. I did add one of those circle things that has the hinge and you can open it up.  Now I can snap my bag onto any other larger purse, or strap, and not worry about losing it.

If we were having coffee ... I'd let you know that it hasn't been all sewing.  I did some knitting.  Not much, however. I've completely fallen off the dishcloth bandwagon since I couldn't really make heads or tails out of one pattern in the KnitPicks dishcloth-along lineup.

I did make one granny square dishcloth. I used some leftover dishcloth yarn.

Started: March 5, 2017
Completed: March 5, 2017
Hook size: H - 5 m.m.
Yarn: Sugar and Cream
Colorway: Summer Prints - Leftover / Lot: 150127079 ;
Yarn: Hobby Lobby - Crafter's secret
Coloryway: 42/Lime / Lot: 141156


While I'm at it, I need to share a cute little pumpkin I made back in January, and forgot to share on the blog. 

KnitPicks Spice Pumpkin
Made: January 2017
Yarn: Leftover Cascade 220
Color: Orange
Yarn: Brown cotton yarn for the stem
Needle size: US 2

I would love to make more of these.  However, the combo of the number of stitches and needle size was a bit hard on my hands.

I finished another pair of Vanilla Socks. These socks caused me some problems.  When I had finished both socks, and was getting ready to make the second heel, the yarn broke on me.  I still have no idea how it happened, and this was a first. 

In a panic I wrote on some of my knitting groups, saying "Oh my gosh!  What do I do to save this?" One gal stepped up to the plate and talked me off the ledge.  I spent the next evening tinking back and picking up stitches.  I decided to rip the yarn back a row, rather than try to save the row.  Then I did a join and added yarn back in, so I'd have something to work with. 

I got it to a place where it was okay for me to get sick with the flu and not touch it for five days or so. 

And then, I carried on like nothing had happened. 


I haven't worn them yet.  They are screaming to be put on my feet.

The Window Cat
Started: 2/4/17
Finished: 2/12/17
Needles: US #4 - 3.5 mm, DPNs and 16-inch circ
Yarn: Caron's Simply Soft leftover yarn
Color: Grey


 I used buttons for the eyes, and red Red Heart yarn to hand stitch the mouth and nose.  I named him Gray Cat, and my son put him in the window that faces the driveway.  It's sort of nice to see a smiling face as you pull up to the house.  I was asked to make another one in blue. I haven't decided yet.

Fast and Cozy cloche
Started: 2/17/17
Finished: 3/5/17
Hook: N - 9 m.m.
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool ease
Color: Fisherman / Lot# 74472

Used "Love for Roses" pattern for flower embellishment. Red Heart yarn in red and dark green colors.

The only variation I made from the pattern was to make one more round after rounds 6-9. I probably wouldn't do that again.  I would LOVE to make more of these, in different colors.  It's so warm, and doesn't slid off my head. 

I had set aside my "Happily ever after ..." cross stitch project for a while.  Despite being as careful as I could be, I still had some booboos. So I set it aside until I could rip out and redo. 

Here it is, March, and I'm *still* working on the border.  I was hoping to be further along than this.  

If we were having coffee ... I'd let you know that I haven't done much reading or audiobook listening worth mentioning.  My brain has been far too scattered. I've listened to bit and pieces of audiobooks my husband was listening too, in the car. 

I did read "Prairie Evers," based on my son telling me "You should read this mom." Since I'm always curious about the books my son reads in school, I heeded his advice, and checked it out on my Kindle. It was a quick and nice story. 

I have started the next book selection in the "Well-Read Mom" book club. This one is "The Minister's Black Veil" and "The Birthmark."  

Like when I read "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," I feel a yearning to read other books from a certain literary period in the U.S. 

If we were having coffee ... I'd say thank you, for reading this all the way through in one sitting.  Or even if you had to break it up into a few reading sessions.  I really did not mean to go so long between posts, or to have two coffee dates, back-to-back. The year 2017 has not gone as expected, for various reasons, for me, or for many people I know. I'm trying to just go with the flow. I do hope things are going well with you, dear friend. 

Oh! Before I forget, I have something else to share. 

Eggs in the incubators! March 4 we started filling the bators. We are all excited for baby chicks. 

Okay, that's it!  Thanks for stopping by!

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