Monday, August 27, 2007

Starting to see the light!

Thursday we will have our special issue done. I will be so happy to get it done. I swear me and my coworkers are getting absolutely loopy! Having the three-day weekend coming up really threw a wrench into everything and we had to move deadlines up. Can't say that I'm too upset about that! Then we start the countdown to the Ordination. I'm so excited to go to that. I've never been to the Cathedral in the twin cities and I will get to buy a new outfit! :-)

Anywho, I'm still trucking on with the WW. I'm so thrilled to see that scale go down. I'm only 9 lbs away from my goal. I'm debating on whether to try for a lower weight or if I should be happy with what I accomplish.

Still working on a scarf. This past weekend I bought a set of circular needles and can't wait to make DS a hat. Don't know what happened to the one I made for him on the knifty knitter. LOL Oh well!

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