Thursday, October 18, 2007

My first pair of socks

Aren't they gorgeous!? They fit DS perfect too.

I actually the second sock a little more than a week ago. I'm just so proud of myself.

Now I'm working on a 9-square blanket for my DS. I've got the first square done. It's the country cousins pattern from Lionbrand. So I still need to decide what color should go with "apple red"

And since I'm on here I thought I would post my recent projects. I made a flat panel hat for DS. It's a pretty lemon yellow. The model is Sad Sam. :-)

I made this scarf out of homespun yarn. I didn't have a particular pattern. Just wanted to practice my purling.

This was my third scarf. It was made with Paton's Yarn.

I can't remember the "type" of yarn but it was a furry type yarn. Oh it is so soft. I would love to make a bolero out of this yarn but I fear it would be expensive. :-) I do remember that the color was platinum.


Eileen said...

They look great! I hope to start my first pair of socks later today. I've only been knitting since August.

BTW, I'm Eileen from the NEW knitting group!

shirleyknits said...

Great job with your knits, especially with your first sock! Ann :D

Nean the Bean said...

Your socks are fabulous! I've not finished my first pair yet. They've been on the needles for nearly a year! Great job! They're gorgeous!!!