Friday, August 8, 2008

An early August update

Haven't been doing much of anything. Can't knit worth a darn it seems. I've stalled on the seascape stole, tried starting the Bellatrix socks, and tried making a simple knit hat for DS. Keep making mistakes that I have to rip back. I guess I should be focusing my energies somewhere else for a bit.

I did dye my first skein of yarn. I think it may be destined to be a pair of nanner's socks.

Home life is good. Workwise we are just waiting to hear when we are supposed to be moved to the lower level. It's the waiting that gets to me.

Personally, I'm starting to feel better. Still don't feel quite "in tune". But at least I'm sleeping better.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to get DS to see some trains at the Railroad depot in the town over. I know he will just flip for that. Haven't decided to go on a train right or not. Will depend on the weather I guess.

I joined the Mystery Stole KAL 4. I already ordered some knitpicks yarn and beads for it. I'm super excited about this and hope it gets me out of my funk.

And because I like to punish myself I also joined SOTS-III. I had joined two but never got anywhere with it cause I didn't have the right kind of yarn.

So I had better update my blog buttons :-)

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