Friday, August 22, 2008

Wow, it's been a while ...

I haven't been too busy, but then I've been trying to ease back a little bit. You ever notice how when one area in your life is in chaos stuff you never expected to be bothered by it is? That has been my knitting for the last little while. I tried making socks, can't do it, I tried working on the stole, couldn't do it, tried making a hat ... well, you get it.

So I started playing around with dye (as you can see from my last few posts) It's not quite mindless but it keeps me playing with the yarn. And since I couldn't knit without making mistakes or getting frustrated I figured this was a safe way to still be "touching" the yarn.

Well, I've been thrilled how the yarn came out. I ordered some bare yarn and dyed it for Mystery Stole KAL 4. I liked how the blue came out in the sock yarn so I did it for the laceweight.

I am so in love with how it turned out. I was so not in love with how long it took to wind, lol.

Last weekend I picked the needles up again and made a feather and fan dishcloth. I did it! No mistakes. So then I picked up my Seascape stole again. I rocked through the rest of the repeat. I went long distances between my lifelines. Course I had to mess up somewhere in the last two rows, but we are just not gonna go there.

Here's a picture of it from earlier this week. I have progressed much farther than this.

Suffice to say, my knitting muse is back. Just in time for me to get ready for MS KAL 4 :-) Now I just got to muster the energy to wind up the second skein. :-)


Elizabeth said...

Thanks so much for the nice comment about Kate's blanket. That border takes SOOO long.

Love the color of your shawl--lavender! What yarn are you using??

Goddesses rock!

Cheers- Elizabeth

Simply me said...

Thank you! I'm using an acrylic yarn. Don't remember the specific brand. It's going to be a gift to someone who will love getting a handmade gift, but would not be able to take care of a "hand wash only" item.