Saturday, December 20, 2008

FO alert! Seascape stole

Can you believe it?! I finished my Seascape stole yesterday right before going to an open house Christmas party.

I'd say that it was Wednesday I picked it up and felt my knitting mojo just go to town. I finished the last repeat and Thursday night and Friday I finished the ribbing part on the end.

*doing happy dance*

Now I can concentrate on the MS KAL4 stole. I don't think I've taken any photos of it yet, but only gotten as far as finishing clue 2 on one side. I printed out clue three the other night and am excited to start it up again. Specially now that I'm to a point where there is no beads. They slow me down something fierce.

In Christmas knitting news I've finished all that I'm gonna knit. I took photos for most of it and will eventually post them, lol. But I did have to get the word out that I finished Seascape. :-)


A Note From The Queen said...

Marcy, this is just beautiful!!! I'd have to say it's worth every little bit of headache it gave you. You are such an awesome yarn artist!!

Kelly said...

Oh I love it! You're gifting this aren't you?

callie said...

That's gorgeous, Marcy!!!! Wear it proudly :)

Stephani said...

Yay! Its beautiful Marcy :)