Friday, August 22, 2008

Wow, it's been a while ...

I haven't been too busy, but then I've been trying to ease back a little bit. You ever notice how when one area in your life is in chaos stuff you never expected to be bothered by it is? That has been my knitting for the last little while. I tried making socks, can't do it, I tried working on the stole, couldn't do it, tried making a hat ... well, you get it.

So I started playing around with dye (as you can see from my last few posts) It's not quite mindless but it keeps me playing with the yarn. And since I couldn't knit without making mistakes or getting frustrated I figured this was a safe way to still be "touching" the yarn.

Well, I've been thrilled how the yarn came out. I ordered some bare yarn and dyed it for Mystery Stole KAL 4. I liked how the blue came out in the sock yarn so I did it for the laceweight.

I am so in love with how it turned out. I was so not in love with how long it took to wind, lol.

Last weekend I picked the needles up again and made a feather and fan dishcloth. I did it! No mistakes. So then I picked up my Seascape stole again. I rocked through the rest of the repeat. I went long distances between my lifelines. Course I had to mess up somewhere in the last two rows, but we are just not gonna go there.

Here's a picture of it from earlier this week. I have progressed much farther than this.

Suffice to say, my knitting muse is back. Just in time for me to get ready for MS KAL 4 :-) Now I just got to muster the energy to wind up the second skein. :-)

Monday, August 11, 2008

*Eye Candy*

It turned out *gorgeous*!

Such a mixture of blues even thought I moved the yarn around a bit in the cooker to get the dye to cover evenly. Well, as even as you can get while over dyeing something.

It's got to be the water :-)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Redyeing skein of yarn

I decided to overdye the skein of yarn I did yesterday.

I just wasn't real thrilled with the "dullness" of the colors on it.

It's almost done now. Gonna unplug the slow cooker in a little bit so it can cool down.

It looks promising, doesn't it? :-)

I can't wait to see it out of the pot.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

*caution* I have dyed again

I used food dyes this time. Not really sure how I feel about how light they seem to have come out since I seen how bright the yellow jaquard dye came out.

I used green, blue and mixed up orange. It's currently drying. Kind of makes me think of soft muted water colors.

Any input or suggestions is appreciated. I do think I'm gonna order the twisted sisters book on dyeing. Don't remember what it's called though.

Friday, August 8, 2008

An early August update

Haven't been doing much of anything. Can't knit worth a darn it seems. I've stalled on the seascape stole, tried starting the Bellatrix socks, and tried making a simple knit hat for DS. Keep making mistakes that I have to rip back. I guess I should be focusing my energies somewhere else for a bit.

I did dye my first skein of yarn. I think it may be destined to be a pair of nanner's socks.

Home life is good. Workwise we are just waiting to hear when we are supposed to be moved to the lower level. It's the waiting that gets to me.

Personally, I'm starting to feel better. Still don't feel quite "in tune". But at least I'm sleeping better.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to get DS to see some trains at the Railroad depot in the town over. I know he will just flip for that. Haven't decided to go on a train right or not. Will depend on the weather I guess.

I joined the Mystery Stole KAL 4. I already ordered some knitpicks yarn and beads for it. I'm super excited about this and hope it gets me out of my funk.

And because I like to punish myself I also joined SOTS-III. I had joined two but never got anywhere with it cause I didn't have the right kind of yarn.

So I had better update my blog buttons :-)

*I* have dyed yarn!

Bask in the glory that is my first skein.

It's like holding a ball of sunshine in your hands.

Seriously, I don't know how I managed to get such a bright, vivid, warm color.