Friday, July 1, 2011

Getting reading for Tour de Fleece 2011

Tour de Fleece starts tomorrow and I'm pretty pumped about it. This year I will be using my faster whorl and trying for a thinner yarn and going for more yardage.

This is the fiber I will be spinning. From my favorite etsy site, Forbidden Woolery. It's the poppy colorway.

Last week I prepped my fiber a bit. I split it in half and will try for two ply. Fingers are crossed that I can spin it nice and fine.

After I split it in half I broke it down even more and you can see that I have half the fiber rolled into balls and the other half rolled into rolls.

I don't have too many goals other than what is listed above. I don't think I will be spinning a lot each day, but 15 minutes a day should be enough to get me through the braid of fiber. If I do finish this I will go back and spin the white Corriedale that I have been spinning for the last few months.

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