Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I've been dyeing

My birthday was at the end of June. This year I got a serious stash amount of fiber. It's all a blank canvas and I am pretty excited to finally get my fingers into fiber dyeing.

Last week I pulled off a a couple 6 feet lengths of fiber and got to dying when I had an afternoon off from work.

This one was dyed in the pot. I just poured the dye here and there and let it go. I'm really pleased with the results. Though I think the colors will really meld when it's spun up. Either that or get some crazy barber pole action. I enjoyed this method.

This length of fiber I dyed by just putting spots of dye on the fiber and then setting the color in the oven. It was fun and quick. However, I think I needed to make the spots bigger.

Time will tell when it's all spun up.

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