Sunday, October 21, 2012

Crown molding

Today we headed out to the house and the man of the house stained and put up the crown molding in the kitchen. 

 This is the first time I will have crown molding. It really is a nice finish to the cabinets.

While DH was putting up the crown molding I was out in the yard cleaning up the odds and ends that were still around from the construction.

Yesterday when my DH was at the house placing the floor trim he happened to look outside and saw that we had a visitor.

A young deer.  Turns out he/she hung around the house for a bit and then took a rest in a clearing 100 feet from the house.  Now this deer doesn't bother me, but next year if I have a garden, deer better stay clear.

In related news, the electrician is supposed to be out at the house tomorrow wrapping all the stuff that only he can do.   Sometime real soon the appraiser will be out there to check the place out.

Any day now we could start packing stuff up and and moving big items out.

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