Monday, October 15, 2012

More stuff happening

Things have still been going on at the  new house.  I finished staining and varnishing all the doors in the house.  I think eight interior doors, three sets of bi-fold doors for the closets and both my hubby and I stained and varnished hundreds of miles (not really, just feels that way) of trim.  Trim for around the windows, around the doors and along the floor.  So much trim. It's turning out fabulous.  Tomorrow I will be varnishing the *last* of the trim tomorrow.

In the meantime, here's a photo of a set of closet doors.

 I'm loving how the color turned out.  I'm just so pleased with that color.  Just loving the richness of it. 

Another thing that happened is that we purchased a riding lawnmower.  We ordered from the online home de.pot store.  Oh, this was a tale, let me tell you. We ordered the lawn mower and when it got to the local delivery company, the shipping guy called me and let me know that the item was damaged.  Took more than two weeks for the lawn mower to be returned back to the company before I could get my credit back.  

I ordered it again and Home de.pot shipped the second one out right away and I had received 10 percent off for my troubles.  The lawn mower showed up very quickly and here it is! 

We kept the plastic on it to keep it looking "fresh."


As soon as we got it running hubby took it for a spin.  He played it real cool, but I know he was quite excited to play with the new toy. 

In other house news I got the all the paperwork for the house done and submitted to the bank. It's "real" now. I received a call from the banker today to lock in the interest rate.  Now the house has to get finished so the appraiser can go check it out.   So ... about three to four more weeks and it will be ours (finally) if everything falls into place like it should. 

I did take some time to play a few weeks ago.  There is a corn maze in my area and I decided to take my son to it.  TONS of fun and I would definitely go back.  They have a FB page

They had those cut out things that you stick your head in and someone takes your photo.  My son asked me to take his picture but I didn't have my camera.  One of the people that was running the concession offered to take our pictures and she emailed them to us. That was really nice. 

Here we both are. I think I look like I'm wearing a nun's habit since you can only see a bit of my hair.


This is what I've been up too.  Not too much else going on.  I'm knitting very little. I've got a scarf on the needles and am using some of my handspun.  I'm spinning and crocheting not at all.  There's always winter, right.

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