Friday, September 21, 2012

More photos of the new kitchen

I was so excited about the kitchen being 95 percent done that I headed out there after picking my son up from latchkey.  So here is a tour, of sorts, around the kitchen. 

Here is another shot that is similar to the one in the last blog entry. On the right the big open space is for the fridge. The microwave will go above the stove and we still need a light fixture and my hubby will be putting up crown molding.  

Here is a shot I took while standing in front of the laundry room doorway. 

Standing in the same spot but looking to the right.  The empty space is for the dishwasher. We still need to get the electrician to the house to run wiring for the stove, dishwasher, and some misc. wiring throughout the house

Here's my window above the sink. :-) I forgot to mention the color of the cabinets: chestnut. Dark color cabinets are more in style, but I didn't think a dark color would work in that house.  

I'm standing off to the side of where the dining room table will be.  Lots of space!

Okay, now I see that somehow a pink line inserted itself into the picture above.  Weird.

Now I'm standing where the dining room table will be.  Looking at this picture reminds me of an exercise in my seventh grade art class.  It had to do with lines and distance.  But you know what else I'm thinking of?  There's enough room for an island!

Thanks for taking the tour.  I will post pictures when everything is complete.

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