Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Picture time!

I've had some people asking me for pictures of the new house while it's in the process of being renovated. This blog entry is a bit picture heavy.  The majority of these photos were taken two weekends ago.  

Here is the kitchen.  This side will have the kitchen sink and the dishwasher.  The window provides a lovely view of the back yard. 

Here is a picture hubby took out of the window.  It's like a painting out there. 

Here is the back door.  You see one of the many birches on the property. 

Here is a shot of the hallway.  At the time the photo was taken the hallway was full of the doors. 

Here is a photo of what will be my craft room. Nice color eh?  The color is called "Olive oil."  

Here is a shot o the living room from the hallway.  Wanna see what I see when you look out that big window? 

Here you go!

Here is a photo of the livingroom from the doorway that connects the livingroom to the dining room. 

One of my favorite shots from the day I took these photos?

This one.  My son was sitting out on the porch "surveying his domain"

This past weekend the family and I went out to the house.  Hubby was working on a shed and I was staining the interior doors.

Hubby took a photo of me staining the closet door in the living room.

Here are the two doors I stained in the kitchen.  The left one is a half W.C. and the right door is the laundry area. 

I love this color of stain.  It's called "Gun Stock".  I asked hubby about it and he said that it's more of a cinnamon color.  I love the red hues that this stain has.  Makes me very happy.  

I still need to put a coat of poly on the doors.  This coming weekend I will be either staining bi-fold doors or putting a coat of poly on the doors. I haven't decided yet.  Some point in the near future I will be staining the trim.  After working on the doors the trim will be a piece of cake.  Just need plenty of room for the boards to be spread out. 

My next blog post I will share pictures of the yard and surrounding area.  I'm still in awe about how pretty and big the trees are.

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